Monday, November 14, 2016

# Mosil_ is_ burning

I laid on bed thinking last night of how much luck i have to be far away from this battle in Mosul. Far enough to be unable to hear the loud sound of battle fight that waken up everyone to reality that is hundred times harder and ugliest than their biggest nightmares. 
You too; You are lucky;to have  *Sleep* as a choice to escape the reality you are living! 
How lucky; not to be afraid of falling into sleep and never wake up!
By simply turning off the light; you have nothing to be worried about till the next sunshine.

But In Mosul

the sun is not shinning and the stars are not glowing.

It's the piece of earth that didn't taste the Aroma of peace 
and didn't 
know the flavor of rest during the last two and a half year.

Today Mosul is burning from South to North. 
With the sound of it's residences being unheard with medias blacking out on some realities;

You are lucky not be forced to leave your house

and lucky not to be forced to live in the middle of street's war between ISIS and Iraqi army!
Not to be in middle mean a lot:

1- Mean that you may have ISIS Fighters fighting on the roofs where you are hiding! = the next shelling goal might be the house you are living! 

 2- or you might be less misfortune than the first group. You might only had some mortars accidentally falling on your house; some corpses of ISIS fighter in front of your doors!

Mortars are less harm on the house than Rockets so cheer up; you are the lucky groups. Two of my relatives this far had Mortars falling on their house in the last two days! all were survived but with sadness i received news that we lost my Father's cuisine ( old man on 80 years of age)today. He died after a big explosions took place near by his house in Mosul. He didn't get injured but it seems that the explosion was a leading cause to heart attack maybe!

ISIS used the residences as human shields and used Mosul's neighbourhoods as War zones.

they are Filling the runnels with black oil.

Booby-trapped empty houses and cars.

Exploding bridges that connect the west of Mosul to the east. 

ISIS executing and hanging up tens of corpes of Moslawies on the streets every day!

How terrifying life Moslawies are living ! 
this is a life with the taste of death.
While my life as a person who could fled this is a life with the smell of death.

lately; I always telling my self that i lost any interest in living. this is a truth that I never said but today I heard my father saying that his cousin is lucky to get ride from this hell life!
How hurting that was for me to hear! which time we are living that we feel jealous even from died persons !?

Why this is all happening to Us!
I am really believe and 100% positive that Moslawies are given pure hearts. Of course like any other committee we have bad guys but after all the 
palms of goodness overcome any other. 
and I also believe that the destiny is justice but i can't understand why this is all happening to us! why Mosul? why us??

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

can't talk ! Just pray

You can only live your life once. they said :same feelings and cascades can't be lived again.
But as each equations have some variations. I am here with so many Moslawies living our fears, hurts and pain over again and again.

Each moments that we passed through gave us enough time to feel,think and regret.

every second is passing like a week. I need a coma after a day full of chaos and senses.
I need more than a pen to write about my feeling, I need more than a mind to understand them!

I am just feeling that we are part of somebody's else game, a game that I have no desire to play and no ability to watch.

I fled the city of Mosul after 2014 cascades but whether I want this or not; my roots are still there. Each hurts that hit Moslawies, hit me as well. Each shell that killed a military soldier fighting against ISIS and fighting for Mosul is killing me as well.

I can't stop watching news and checking facebook page of # الحرس الوطني 
I can't stop looking for answers to my questions, looking for new news, and most importantly a good news.
After all, I end up with a body that is empty from his soul, counting days and hours till this nightmare end. I don't like to be pessimistic but I can't help being otherwise.

There is always a reality that I am afraid to write about even thought I am still writing posts using pseudonym.

while I am writting this, there are peoples in Mosul so close to my heart, living the fears every seconds!

While I am getting really frighten when my daughter get cold, there are mothers in Mosul having fears about what will happened to their child if they will be bombed, having fears that death is waiting their child and waiting their lovers.

Anyone from us can't put himself in Moslawies shoes these days. Not even me!
As I heared from many relatives who lived through Iraq war with Iran and with Kuwait and Iraq war in 2003. All said that Mosul fall in 2014 was the worst thing that they have ever experience.

Mosul will be liberated at the end but I am wondering of how many lives will be left there !

Stay safe; my family and friends