Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Al salam alykum:
Last night I slept like a baby because I don't have school today and I was not worried a bout my homework and my exam.

yesterday my friend and I decided to not go to school today because :
1- we didn't know how bad the situdation will be today.
2- We don't have an exam today.
So from this hour till monday I will not see the light of the moon. It's not hard for me anymore. I used to be in house 24 hours by day. Some times I began to think about my life and how much it's change such as : in the past my dad came back from his clinic at 10:00 am. but now he come back from his clinic at 7:30 at most. when he was came back home we were waited him to go out and enjoy our night. But now after 8:00 Am you can't hear the sound of feet.
It's something I can't believe it and when I think of it I start laughing, a few days ago I was talking to my mam about this subject and laughed like crazy.
My sister whispered to my mother and ask her about what is going on. they both looked fear that something happened to my mind.
you need to laugh sometimes unless it's hard to.

I am not sad right now but I am not happy too.
I am not pessimistic, I am not optimists and I am not satisfied.
I don't feel anything and I don't expect anything either.

I want to do something I don't know what it is.
such to talk to some one..
so how are you?
what is going on with you?
ok ok ok ok I don't mind to write ok 100 times
so I will not.
ok? bye