Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just talking

Salam to all
I have cold from yesterday. When I went to school yesterday, every body saw me ask: are you sleep?
I am walking and moving, how could I move if I was a sleep.
Anyway, first course the teacher didn't come but we got our marks ticket. My marks is good except in French as I told you I have a big big problem with it.
I thought that we are a stupid girls therefore each one of us pronounce the word in a different way. But it seems that the problem is not on us. After trying 5 teachers I saw that each one of them pronounce the word in a different way. Every one have her own French. Good ha??

Today Aya and her mother visit us at lunch. Aya was too cute as usual, she seems that she love me more than Najma and that's a good point. She sat on her own chair, took a sight of the food.
She didn't accept mam fed her, she want dad fed her and no body else And that was good because Dad usually finish her food before all of us but now with all what Aya make him do he finish with us. As I said dad was feeding Aya and in the same time Aya was feeding Mam and she was too excited. I don't know what was going with us if Aya was not born.
Tomorrow I have an English exams, it's a strange exam, the teacher will read an paragraph twice and then ask us a few questions about it. We called this exam listening competition.
It's an easy exam but it's need you to fox an that's hard.

Good bye now
see you soon


programmer craig said...

Hi hnk,

That exam sounds interesting! Like a reading comprehension test, but for spoken words. I think I like that idea.

Your French teachers... Aieee. They probably each have a different accent. Do you know what accent you have when you speak English? I think the British accent sounds the best... but only a high class British accent :)

Glad to see you posting more frequently now!

olivebranch said...

I read your new years post all the way through till the end :) Glad to hear from you again dear!

Have a look at the BBC website for language... I don't know the address but i was referred there myself...

Use google!!!

Libby said...

Hi hnk
Oh, good. A post about Aya. I can just see your family at the table and Aya making her demands and everyone smiling. With all the bad stuff happening, at least there's Aya to make you happy.

Hope your cold's getting better.
Hope you did well on your English exam.

Kari said...

Hi hnk,
I am so happy to read your blog. I added your site to my blog page because it is so interesting and it is so nice to hear about your life. You seem to be very strong - not just physically but mentally, too. Lots of school work and you are able do so much with so little. I'll be back to read. Keep up the wonderful spirit!

Don Cox said...

I wonder if you can get DVDs of French films in Iraq? Then you would hear real French accents.

David said...

Sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you are feeling better now!

I think it would be very hard to learn French if every teacher speaks it differently! :) It might help if you could listen to French people speaking. I know that language lessens are available on CD for not much money in the U.S. Maybe someone in Mosul has them for sale.

Aya was feeding your mother? That is amazing! I am glad you have Aya to make you smile. :)

H.N.K said...

Hey, my health is a litlle better now.
I will write a new post tomorrow and till then
good bye
ps: thanks kari, I hope you keep in touch. by the way, I couldn't find your blog.

waldschrat said...

You wrote "but it's need you to fox an that's hard" which was a bit of a puzzle for me. I think maybe you mean "but it demands that you focus, and that's hard."

Regretably, no matter how much I focused I would fail any exam in Arabic, I do not speak a word of it. I think it's great that you speak French and English. I hope you do wel in the exam!

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Jack Bennett said...

I hope you're feeling better and have had a happy Eid, HNK.

Alicia Bennett said...

Hi there, I was surfing the internet and I found your blog. I enjoy the style of how this all works.

I'll be coming back again.


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