Tuesday, February 21, 2006

a part of my diary life

Hi all,
I am sorry.
I know I am late this time but it's not my fault, I couldn't find time to write a post.
I know that you are waiting to hear from me any news about my marks.
Ok, I get good marks in math, physics, chemist, English, Islamic and Arabic but in biology I get the lowest mark I have ever had in all my life. I Get 81.
In the other hand I get 91 in French, It's a good mark but I need to get 95 in my next exam for not take the final- examination.
During I was answered the questions in Math examination I began to cry because I was feeling afraid and I answered the question wrong and I knew my answer was wrong and I thought that I didn't have enough time to answer it right especially that I write a different numbers. Anyway, There was a teacher who knows how my state usually become in the examinations, she come to me and said: relax hnk relax please, I will bring some water for you, don't cry don't worried, It's ok if you get 99 instead of 100 bla bla bla. her speech make me cried., she always make me cry during the exam. But the good news is that I get 99 in math. :) I didn’t expected that. I didn’t know what my answer was at last..

The situations is still going to be worse. There were sounds of shelling last night, It makes me feel angry, I just wanted to sleep. Some times I wish that I have something for cover my ears whenever I want not to hear the sounds around me. :(

The only think that make me feel happy is Aya. she love me more than Najma I guess. I don't know why all the children usually love me more than Najma. .I make a mistake yesterday when I draw some pictures of cartoon for Aya, she loved my drawing and want me to draw more and I was have to go and sleep. She began to cry, yelling and she was walking behind me and holding a pen and a paper and shouted baby. After a long war between two of us, we went to sleep.

See ya



David said...

Hi Hnk,

Congratulations on your excellent marks! Hey, I think that even 81 is a good score! I knew that you would do well. :)

How would you like to show us the pictures that you drew for Aya? I would like to see the drawings that made Aya so happy. Aya is so cute and naughty. ;)

I hope that your nights will be more peaceful!

olivebranch said...

welcome back ! =-)
the sounds will dissappear with time.

- lukey

Anonymous said...

You did very good on your test. Congratulations. Show us your pictures.

Libby said...

You got 99 even though you were upset. Your lowest mark ever was 81. I think that shows you are very, very clever.
Perhaps children enjoy being with you because you're patient, kind and enjoy being with them. Aya know this because she's clever too.

Jay said...

marhaba Hnk, men amerka.

good luck with school ;-)

lmae said...

Bravo pour tes bonnes notes en français!
Si tu as besoin d'aide, contacte moi: lmae at lmae.net


Jack Bennett said...

Yay for your excellent grades, HNK. 81 is a good score. If someone told me I could score that high on all my tests I would take it! But I know you want only the best - and why not? You deserve it!

I think Aya loves you more because you take your time with her. Even babies know when they're wanted or not.

Take care of yourself and her.

jarvenpa said...

Good work, my dear--I agree with the others, you must be clever, and brave, and enduring to do so well in these hard days.
And yes, babies know who likes them--but mostly, who is most fun, and who will take time to pay attention to them in the fun and silly ways they like.
I pray for your wellbeing and the safety of all your family.

Mad Canuck said...

Hey hnk,

There's a word someone made up a few years back to describe what happened to you in math: "examnesia" (a combination of the word "exam" and the word "amnesia").

Examnesia is where you get into the exam, lose your confidence, and forget everything you studied. It's something that can happen to anyone - and I think pretty much everyone has experienced it at least once.

There are some tricks to dealing with "examnesia": don't let yourself get too stressed out, and if you see a question you don't know the answer to, skip it and come back to it at the end. Sometimes, you find you'll remember the answer to it while you're doing the others.