Friday, December 15, 2006

Un normal

Time....It's only time that is moving forward, it's the only thing that is making it's Job. It's the only thing that we both share. We both live in the same time.

I... I am still taking more steps searching for unknown. and hopping that I will find it. But the problem is,will I know that this is the thing that I was looking for.

well, I don't know from where to start, In fact I don't want to start talking about what happened. Because the things that's happened is big. it's too bigger than me to talk about.... It's bigger than you to understand... It's bigger than we can all imagine.

I am with no power starting my day as usual, Waking up early to study and then taking my breakfast.... Till now it's look like I have a normal life.
But hey... Did you forget that you are reading Hnk's blog ( Iraqi girl blog)?

Here and in this blog nothing is normal. Here people are wearing a thick clothes under thick clothes till they become like a ball. Here people are drinking a dirty water,and take a bath once every week because the water is somehow closer to black colour than white. and if you are going to take a bath, you might possibly became dirty more than you are already.

let's go back to my UN normal life. One day not far along, but about week ago:
I was taking my breakfast, I finished it. I wore my clothes and my shoes and took a look throw the Windows to see if the car that carried me to school is waiting for me.... Yes, yes there was a car, No not a car but an American Tank. The road was closed and everything was calm. Anyway, after a while everybody was a weak even my grandmother and they were taking there breakfast and I was walking between them worry about my exam that I have that day. I sat on the chair and after that I don't know exactly what happened but there was an explosion took part near from us. The type of explosion that YOU will always remember.
Pieces of windows fall on the floor, on the table and join us our breakfast. I don't remember what happened because it's look like it's take only a minute and we all ran out the room and stole looks to the room where we were sitting.
it was a big explosion. and plenty of our windows have broken but we are Lucky that our head are not. :)
I didn't took a pictures that moment because I didn't remember to do that. But I took some picture after I came back from school, and afte my mother clean up everything but this room that I took it a pictures.

I really have to go now..


red one said...

You are right - you are having an Un-normal life. I am so sorry. You deserve a normal happy life instead.

Thinking of you,


heyduke said...

I am so sorry to hear of your very unnormal life. I just wish you and your family could get out of Iraq.

dancewater said...

I am so sorry this is happening to you and your lovely family. You deserve a normal happy life.... like red one said... and so does your family.

I will keep following you and hoping for the best.

Libby said...

Dear hnk,
Yes, we share time.
And the sun and the moon and the stars. And the interent. :)
Someday you'll find "it" and you will recognize "it".

How scary. Explosions blowing out your windows. Thankfully no one was hurt but how sad for your grandparents. They moved your home hoping for more safety.

It's brave of you to go to school everyday. I wonder how you did on your exam the day of the explosion.
I hope you had the windows repaired quickly.

I think of you often.....and they are NORMAL friendly thoughts. :)


Jan said...
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Jan said...

Hi Hnk,
I'm getting cold whenever I read what you're going through. I remember the car blown up in your street. It's certainly a far from normal life.
But you are a blogger from Iraq. Let the world know what happens. Only with information you can stop the Americans being there. The Internet is your weapon, your pencil against injustice.
Come on Hnk, you can do it, your sister can and your family as well.
Btw, the time is the thing we share. But Time awarded you, especially YOU are the person of 2006.
Take care Hnk.

David said...

I think about time a lot too. There are things that I want to go back and do differently. But, none of us have that option. Time moves forward. We can choose to move forward with it, or we can remain locked in the past. Believe me, it is very easy to get stuck in the past, unable to move forward! Sometimes my memories are almost as real as my present day life. However, I do not face danger every day like you must. I can go about my daily activities without fear of guns or bombs. I can understand how it must be very difficult for you to move forward with time when every day brings more fear and more tragedy. At least you are still able to go to school. It is something that can take your mind to a different place, and I think that is important! I feel so sorry for most of the children in Baghdad who can't even go to school anymore. They are trapped in their homes. Time keeps moving forward, but for those children, it must seem like it is standing still! I hope that some day you will know a normal life again! Take care.

Luther said...


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Team Barbaro Wisconsin said...

I think about you and your family every day..I pray for your safety.I don't have the answers.No one will listen to me . If they did there would be no more war or violance of any kind. You and your family..your sister and her children would always be safe. I believe only my Jesus can do that for us and he will....I wish you peace and love !
I can wish your family a Merry Christmas....My heart to yours !

Luther said...


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Luther said...


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Girl said...

this is awful(((

Anonymous said...








small town girl said...

I am very sorry this is happening to you. You do not deserve this. This is so awful.