Saturday, March 03, 2007

My vacation

I was talking with my mother in our Kitchen while she was washing the dishes.

he is my dad, he was sitting in the living room watching the news

they were a passing by... they were 3 women and a kid walking in the street.

that's what we heard, my mom jumped from her place and I was too busy watching my mom.
my dad as usual did what he always does when we heard an explosion.

He went out of the house. At that time there was a shooting so I go after him and pleased him to come inside and when he came back he was followed by 3 women and a child. they were walking in the street and the explosion made them crazy so they ran into our house. They sat for a little while and then left after the shooting stopped.

the situation is always getting worse. one day ago, we heard about 2 big explosions each hour.
We didn't even fix the kitchen's window that broke last month. because every day we heard an explosion which is big enough to break the window over again.

Before a couple of days my aunt came from
Baghdad to see my uncle after his operation.
After one day from her arrival, a big explosion took place near from the house she was visiting. All the window of the house had broken and some of the doors too. my aunt injured in her front head but it is a small one so don't worry about that.

Before two days I went with my friend to visit
Mosul university, Our journey was beautiful. We visited My sister's college and pharmacy college and some others.
The whole university looked so nice especially my sister's college, but pharmacy college looked awful, It was like a jail.
After that journey, Part of me felt happy because after no long time I will be there but in the other hand, part of me felt sad because I didn't feel that I belong to pharmacy college (which was my dream). Maybe because its bad looking or maybe my uncle advice me to re-think about it. I really don't know but I thing that I began to like architect college.
who's know??

Hey I remembered that I took some pictures inside biology collegea and they are that picture above.

Your friend



Libby said...

Oh, hnk. You explained those explosions so well I could hear them in my mind. How it must make your heart pound and how lucky none of you were hurt too badly.

I liked the picture of the birds best. But you already knew that.:)

You have time to decide what you want to do in the future. I'm pretty sure you'll make the correct decision.

Luther said...
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David said...

Hi Hnk,

I think that I read about the same explosion at Sunshine's blog. That reminds me, I still need to comment to her. I am so sorry that your aunt was injured, but I am glad she will be ok. I wish the bombings would stop! I wish there was something that I could do to help!

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit to the university! :) I hope that you will find a course of study that you will be happy with there. Najma seems to really like going to school there. So, I hope you will like it too! :)

Take care.

Luther said...


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Luther said...


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Andy said...

My deepest sympathies are with you, your family and all Iraqi's! I am so sorry that bush invaded and destroyed your country. If Saddam was to be deposed then it should have been at the hands of Iraqi's. The majority of my countrymen are doing everything they can to end this abomination!! My country was duped into backing this war. Our president, Vice-President and their administration lied to the American people. Not me nor any of my friends and family believed anything bush said about Iraq prior to the invasion. We didn't buy anything they were selling. We knew they were lying in order to steal your countries wealth. I did what I could to stop this war. I attended many protests and contacted my congress people multiple times. I campaigned for john Kerry who wanted to get us out of Iraq. 49% of my country voted to get bush out of office but it wasn't enough. please spread the word that now 60-65% of my fellow Americans are working very hard to get us out of Iraq. The proof was in November of 2006 when my country voted bushes party out of legislative power. Just in the last week both houses of our legislature voted to get us out by September of 2008. Not soon enough as far as I and my country people are concerned. However it is a start. bush has threatened to veto the law but that doesn't mean that's the end of the matter. He doesn't make the laws in this country anymore. Bottom line is he will eventually have to sign the bill or there will be no money to fund the war after May of this year. We pray to different gods but we know they are listening. Most Americans are very good and decent people. Everyone makes bad decisions and this was one of them. I can only ask that the good people of Iraq can one day forgive America. We don't deserve your forgiveness. bush will never be, should never be forgiven. He and his administration will burn in hell for all of eternity for what they have done!! praise god for that!! America is a great country filled with loving and charitable people. Take care and god bless. Andy.

David said...

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MichealAlmighty said...

Hello Hnk, I have been reading your blog and find it to be sad, having to listen to the sound of explosions all the time. I do hope that in short time, things will get better for you and your family.

Girl said...

i hope everything is going to be fine...(

Ralph said...


Please sister, let us know you are alive...


I am sorry for the horror my country has wrought upon yours. :(

Té la mà Maria said...

please visit, thank

madcavemantd said...

Dearest Hnk, I want to apoligize for the terrible invasion of your country by our Government. I do not in anyway support Bush or his administration for this holocaust. Reading your blogs causes rivers of tears to flow from me eyes and makes my heart hurt so badly. I wish that I could make it stop right now. I know that american troops are killing women and children, they are killing everyone without remorse or compassion. I honestly don't know much about your religion or the Kuran, but I know that Allah doesn't want anyone to kill innocent men, women, and especially children. That we should love each other, comfort each other, help each other and protect each other. It is so hard for me to live each day knowing that so many have been tortured, burned, mutilated and murdered in cold blood. Whole families killed because the father didn't know anything valuable to tell the soldiers. The lies that come from everywhere to cover up what is really happening. I pray that one day soon you will have peace in your country, that you again will be safe and that we will rebuild what we have destroyed. I know in my heart that George Bush and his administration will have to answer for his crimes against Iraq and his lies and deceit against the American people. George Bush is a war criminal and is guilty of crimes against humanity. God will not forgive him. Again, I am deeply sorry for what has happened and I know that millions of Americans are ashamed of what we have done.

David said...

Hi Hnk, I like the new look of your blog. :) Najma said you would be posting again after your exams. I hope she is right! :) I hope you are doing well. Please take care and write something for us soon.

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Roberto Iza said...

Please, accept my condolences.

Anonymous said...

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Sudipta Das said...

well HNk, I am very sorry to hear about your aunt, & I want to apologize for the terrible invasion of your country by our Government.

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Anonymous said...