Saturday, September 08, 2007

Life is difficult

Hi all,

In the 11 of June we have only one day separated us from the first day of examination.

I woke up in the morning and the smile was drawn on my face because finally I was going to have an exam after all that studying and studying. I took my breakfast with my father and I remember very well that he told me “the exams will never end if you won’t start them”

At about 12 AM, there was only 15 hours left to start.

My mobile rang and there was one new message. It was from my cousin and he said that the exam of tomorrow has been postponed.

I didn’t believe that, I thought that he was joking and he was playing with me.

How could they postpone the exams!!

It’s not a game. All Iraqi students in their last year of Hieght School are going to take the Islam Exam the day after that day.

To believe or not to believe is not our options because it did happen and the exam was really postpone till the first of July. News came that the questions were leaked and they have to change them.

So it was really a game.

I rushed upstairs and take a bath and tried to feel better after hearing that news. Anyway, after two hours I began to study Arabic because I have an Arabic exam two days after.

In the day before the exam the smile turn back in my face. And I finished my study before dinner. And when I sat down at the table I told my family that I am a little scared and I only ate two bites before my mother’s mobile rang and she go and talk to someone and then came back to the kitchen with a rather long face and when I saw her My heart began to throb hardly and then she said “ HNK” and I said No..No...Not again and she said “Yes” and I crash into tears and I cries so hardly that all the family around the table looked at me feeling so sorry for the bad looking I was because my exam was postponed again. My sister was really feeling worried about me and she didn’t stop asking my father to do something for me. After that my father gave me valume and I go to bed after along times of crying and when I woke up in the morning I looked at myself in the mirror and my eyes was swallowed and looked red.

This postponed was because there was a curfew in Baghdad in the day of our real exam.

Any way… that’s too did passed

to be continue