Friday, May 23, 2008

About me..

About me,

I am a 20 years old girl, living in Mosul/Iraq ( the most danger place in the world) where I face dead everyday and where I am attending pharmacy college and continuing my life just like any Iraqi people.

This is me:

H.N.K is my nickame that is known by blogger and which I used in this blog from the begining, and Hadia is a name which I used in my book “Iraqigirl

Why I am Anonymous?

Because names are and will always be the silliest thing belong to us, and no one can be judged by its name. We are standing behind our acts and behaviors.

Frankly speaking, I begin this blog in order to do something to my country and to be someone. And since I am still in the beginning of this road and I want to be sure to end it safely. I used nicknames for not be known (not be assassinated).

So I am anonymous till unknown date

But who Am I?

A human who love peace,

Who love freedom,

Who want to be someone,

Who want to have electricity 24 Hr per day,

Who want to get out of house after 9 PM

Who want to live life with no fears

Who want to see it country unhurt and not destroyed

I am the one who is a Muslim, and who love Allah the most.

I am the one who dream of a better tomorrow,

And who live for a better one.

Where you can find me ?

Here in this corner where I am writing my diary .

Or: you can find me in Iraq / Mosul ..... hmmm hey, why you want to find me?? I am not going to tell you unless I get a reason !!! dahhh

to know morw about me:

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sidra said...

I orrowed your book from the public library and am alomost done w/ it i stated today and the shocking thing is i am only 11 years old. Your book is so sad... But then happy!

Specialist said...

you said
you want to be someone...but iam sorry...your dreams about electricity, to go out at 9 pm,.....etc.
did you think that,if your dreams become truth ,,you will be someone?
if your answer is yes..iam sorry for losing my times to write these words..
but if your answer is must think different and change your dreams.
you must believe in that...baghdad will return back..mosul will return back and our iraq will return back and until that time you must be someone.
if i bother you with my words .. so iam sorry

Anonymous said...

hi i ran into your blog just yesterday and i broke into tears as i read it...
i went to northern iraq this summer and got to meet a lot of people like you.
i hope you continue your blog :) i am very interested in your book too.