Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just talking..

I don't know from where to start but I have been reading "the secret" so I will make a big jump over many things that happened (things that are a big source of negative thinking) .

I finally finished my 5th course in pharmacy college, I am now in the middle of the road, having only 5 courses left and being a real pharmacist *I hope*.

This course was so hard for me. I was really feeling unstable emotionally, psychology, and scholastically.*if there is such a word!?!??!!*.
I missed my cousin engagement party, many weddings and many happy events because I was studying for exam!! Well, I am doing exams more than doing anything else!!!.

Today, I found out that my Arabic tongue is getting worse!! Mom suggested it's due to studying in English, while my sister commented that I am not talking and I am not making a use of my Arabic!! Both not make a sense for me.

You can explain my absence from blog to being busy with school, but I even stopped writing in my diary!! I think there are many things that writing about them will not help you, and it's better to forget them and goes on like nothing had happened!! I know you are not understanding what I am talking about but neither do I *huhhh*

I did a Seminar in my class, in front of 100 of my collogues, and the Prof said to me "you was very very very good" ^__^ I was so scared and so eager in the same times. I was thinking of not wearing my contact lences in order to alleviate my stress threshold, but I did. And I didn't see anything anyway!!! *LOL*

I am the only student who did a seminar and who was not from the top 10 in the class, and that's make me feel proud of myself especially that I was better than few of them. * At least, that what I have been told!!* And will love to believe this :)

Best regards

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John said...

Dear Hadia,
It is so nice to hear from you! Yes, "scholastically" is a word. I am very glad you are doing well in school. It is not surprising, though, because I know that you are very smart and capable. And I know that you will never forget your Arabic and Iraqi self.

Anonymous said...

keep going on .....

these pages 've become my drugs!!!

Cryolite said...

Hello HNK (can I still call you that? I still can't get used to your real name, haha).
It's nice to see that you're doing well, and mashallah only five courses short from graduation? Oh my I remember when you were still in school :)! hahah.
You know, I think your mom is right.Disuse ruins a language, and I am speaking from experience.
Oh and well done on that seminar. :^)

Good luck on your future endeavors.

Wayne said...

Dear Hadia,

I wanted to congratulate you on your wonderful accomplishment. I think you are doing a fantastic job in your college work.

I have been visiting your Blogspot for several years and know that your English has improved greatly.

Keep up the good work and you will look back on it with great pride in future years.

Thank you for keeping us informed of your accomplishments.

Hadia said...

Hello John,
I didn't get my result yet. but I guess, i will pass ^__^

Of course it's a drugs, I am a half pharmacist and I am a drug designer!!

Both "hnk" and "hadia" are not my real name, so call me whatever you want :D .
I am happy to read your comment.

My english has improved !! Glad to hear this :D
Thank you for your sweat comment.

Don Cox said...

It is always nice to see a post from you.

I'm glad you are doing OK in college. I think Pharmacy is one of the hardest subjects to study.

Roy said...

I knew you would do well. I wish you were here in Mexico because I need a good drug designer. I have a bad cold. Keep up the good work.yousho

Anonymous said...

i see .... but i 'm talking about another kind of drugs "spiritual drugs".... well you will never understand this ....just keep going on!!!

God bless you hadia

Srik said...
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koora said...


Anonymous said...

Hadia I read your book and I thought it was really good it really touched me emotionally it made me take a diffrent perspective on things i dont want to join the u.s. army now because i dont want to support war and i dont want people to hate me because i am making there lives hell i just wanted to thank you for teaching me a life long lesson throuh your book, i more greatful for things now more than i ever been i wish you good luck in the future and i hope that you reach your highest goals ~your friend marvel

جنرال said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey HNK,
I'm currently reading your book and I thought it was extremely good.
You're one of my role models now. You're not afraid to stand up for what you believe in.

I'm totally against the war in Iraq and I'm glad that our president has decided to withdraw our troops. I won't talk to much about this because I don't know all that much about this to form an opinion.

But I just wanted to post a comment and let you know that I think you are awesome..
Best of luck to you in school!

Hadia said...

Don cox, Roy, Anonymous,the other anonymous ^__^ and the girl behind the curtain :
thank you for your comment

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