Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lighting a candle

In the middle of this empty hole. I have to keep focusing on the top and to light a candle instead of cursing the dark. today i am trying to appreciate what i have instead of crying on my lost. i am keeping myself busy with my daughter and the prepiration for her first birthday. it will be on 21 of this month , but i will do the birthday party on the day after since her father won't be here on the big day. Everybody are invited to attend the party ( friday evening at 5 pm. in Amman/ Jordan) yes yes including youuu and i am serious! I did a lists of sweets that i must bake; i love baking and i enjoy cooking and spending time in kitchen. I also love the kind of tired that follow a day full of work; that's kind of tiredness that came alone in solo without thoughts, without memories and without hurts. These days i am working to change things to better; i don't need to remind myself of how bad it is and how difficult it will be to change it. i need encouragement; supports and pleasant wishes. write me a comment, a letter maybe. I really need you! Pc: for those interesting in coming to the party; write me an email and will tell you the full adress.

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