Wednesday, March 30, 2016

ودمروا كل اشيائي الحبيباتي…

Don't destroy my Memories, Places,Houses, Mosques and university. They Fire a flame in my heart, a flame that can't faint out with days. No words can turn it back nor consol my sadness for this big loss. They destroyed My university/ Mosul university. Air strike targeted ISIS at University of Mosul and Destroyed it. Looking at the negative side: This is the place where i first met my husband and where we fell in love with each other. the place where i learned and studies for five amazing un forgettable years. The place where my success firstly tasted and hurtly left me after flees. With everytime i just remember the video i saw of the boobs hitting my university, i fell in a deepe and deepe depression. with you i will share this graduation photo of me
at my college: Mosul pharmacy college/ University of Mosul/ Iraq