Monday, July 12, 2004

In the north

Yesterday we went to the north of Iraq, we waked up at 7 o'clock and we started to prepare ourselves to go .
Yahoo we started our journey, there is 80 km to pass and during the trip we saw wonderful places there were mountains, valleys, and lakes .
when we reached " Zaweta" we had our breakfast . After we finished our breakfast we went to " Swaratooka" then to " Sarsank" we took pictures and we had a good time after that we went to the supermarket and made shopping and had our lunch " it was delicious food " after all we had return back to our home at 4 o'clock .


Fayrouz said...

Wow, I remember these places.

These are very nice places. I hope you had fun.

H.N.K said...

first I want to thank you for your comment and yeah we had a very good time we visit a wonderful places and we had a rest from the hard work and tensive situation .

Storyteller said...

Beautiful picture, glad that you and your family had a good time!

Yojimbo said...

I just read your sisters blog of your journey to the north. 80 km is not all that far when you are with people you love. You had fun, I hope. Were the mountains not as hot as down in the Tigris valley?

Thanks for blogging and I look forward to more from you and your sister in Irag.


H.N.K said...

thanks Yojimbo for your confidence , and i hope I will be better on the future.

Don from Dallas said...

I'm glad to see our young friends from Iraq venturing out into the wonderful world of communications.
Through communications we will have a better understanding of each other.
May you live a long and peaceful life.
ps. Pictures are alway a treat. Thanks