Friday, July 30, 2004

My own room

I love that, I have my own room, because I can put this bear here and that doll there, that's great you know.
I feel my own room presents me. About my room, it is pink, It is small and nice, It is near my sister's room"najma" and that is a problem ;( except that it is comfortable.
I have a very big bed, I can move from the right side to the left side.
My first day, when I slept on my bed I fall on the ground more than once, Najma said : I heard booom ..baaam ...Boom ...baam :)
I cleaned my room today, and I found my copybook when I was in the examination days last month. When I saw it, I felt my heart broken into two peaces ..ah .. ah ...........thanks god it ended.
I love to pretty my own room with bears and the things that I love, because that give me back my memories and that give me good feeling.

you can also see when you look at my room' small desk, I have : Stories, history books,and poetry books there are Islamic books too.
I love read story, Islam and poem but the others, I don't .

the funny story to you, when I sleep, my eyes are nearly open and that scares. When my aunts came to Mosul from Baghdad, they didn't accept to sleep with me in the same room :(
one day when I was sleepy my sister "Najma" told me : don't forget to close your eyes, ha ha ha ha ..That is not funny, is it ?? :) ........


Ferid said...

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Nice blog, good english. You totally have to be kidding about the sleeping with the eyes open thing... people have told me that before, but they were always joking. -Austin (

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