Monday, September 06, 2004

This is Al-kaaba's picture, Every one love to go some where, about me and the other muslim, this place is our dream to go,I hope my dream will come true, and I ask god to go to maka before I die. Posted by Hello


maas said...

i love this pleace so much and my dream visit it and see al kaaba and almasjid alnabawy
inshaa alah we will see it together

H.N.K said...

inshaa alah..
thank you for your commen, and I hope my dad and mam can go to this plase with your parents this year :)

jeff said...

A great picture! Have you seen the picture of the big mosque in Medina? I think it's very beautiful.

And I bet you make your hajj before two years are finished, inshaalah.