Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Today, I woke up at 9:00 am , to go with my mother and my sister to bye bag for the school, first we went to my mother's university and then to our kindergarten , I met my teacher when I was there, and they remember me, so I was so happy for that. I took picture , and I will put it in my blog soon, to see my kindergarten before and after. After we finished our visit to my kindergarten we went to buy bag, we bought two nice bags for me and for Najma..
When we went back to our home, we were hungry and when the lunch was prepared, my mother's mobile rang, our telephone rang, so my father was talking on the phone, my mother was talking on the mobile, while we were sitting to have our lunch. Finally we ate our lunch, and it was rely delicious food..

this is one of Mosul university collage


Anonymous said...

Are you looking forward to going back to school? Are the kids able to get the school supplies they need? /Lee

Ali Mohamed said...

Hi dear
I see that you are in college of science - Which department? - I'm in college of engineerings - electronic and communication department

Dave said...

I can't wait to see pictures of your school. I am very interested in the schools in Iraq and Ninawa since I think that good education is needed to build a good future for Iraq. Before sanctions Iraq had the best school system in the entire Middle East. Universities like Mosul University helped Iraq acheive a higher percentage of PHDs of any country in the region. About half the population of Iraq is 18 years and under, so school is very important for the future of Iraq. I hope your school has the books, supplies and equipment needed for your studies. I am very concerned with the condition of schools in the villages of the Ninawa Province. I have lots of photos on our website under "Visit the Schools". I'll look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your stories from school! Thanks!

H.N.K said...

dear Ali,I am 15 years old, I don't go to the collage.
Thank you anonymous, thank you dave for your comment..

Faisal ... said...

Salaam hnk

I bet you can't wait to go back to school to see your friends.

Anonymous said...

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