Monday, October 25, 2004

The life cant be worse

Finally I finish my home work, I have a physics examination, and I think I get well in it. Any way I don't care of exam like before, there is plenty of things that I should think of it, plenty of problem I can't fix it, plenty of bad situation I can't change it, do you have ever feel that you are imprisoned in the gate and there is no one except you and a big lion in this gate, and you can't get out, you can't run, there is no wayto run.. no way... That is my feeling.
the situation became worse and worse, every day I said that the life can't be worse but I found that it could. my friends tell the girl who sit beside her that if she killherself no one will ask her why?.........

am sure that there is no one from you can live one day in Iraq.
in Iraq there is no " happy" word in your dictionary, not now.
when I look to aya I hoped that her future will be better from ours, and this quetion ask about itself do we have a future?....... I cry and cry and cry but what? what will happen after that, I can't change the situation if I cry or not .

as you know we are in Ramadan month and we don't have enough rest, especially yesterday there was helicopters throw plenty of rockets , grenades and plenty of things in the same area that we were.

you should look to us when we were in school, our school should put on the garbage, and we don't have a good time in school . We have" kipps" story in the English, this story wrote in 1905
the story is there is one boy his name is kipps live with his uncle and aunt, he want to be a salesman and he went to the folkeston to be the salesman, and the had unhappy life there , he love ann who went to another city to work a maid for a rich family. This is all what I know about this story till now ..(the writer is H.G Wells) .

today mass"my friends gave me a beautiful thing. In the first I tell her " this is so nice , I will write in my blog that you gave me it if you do??" so they gave me it, but not for this reason ofcours.

p.s: najma is busy now, so I wrote this post without any help" I mean there are plenty of faults on it, sorry of my bad language

hnk, who will go now and leave you alone


maas said...

hi hnk i hope you loved this thing??

Anonymous said...

This is the best post that you have ever written. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm sorry that you are sad and afraid today. But there are many better days waiting ahead for you. I think that when this is all over, you'll remember it as just something that happened in your young life; something that your courage and optimism helped you endure and overcome and become the kind of person who will bless the lives of those who know you.

Maddog said...


There is very little anyone can offer you except consoling words.

We ALL feel uncomfortable with your situation. And wish you well.

Keep your feet on the ground, and take care. We'll keep our fingers "crossed" for you. Keep blogging. It may be good for you to let off some of your feelings, and you should.


The Don ® said...


Believe me, my thoughts and prayers are all for you and your family. Don’t ever think one second that I don’t think about you.. I check your blog everyday to see what you are going to write about next.. you’re one of my favorite bloggers here.. Please keep your chin up and don’t feel down.. it will get better one day inshallah.. Keep thinking happy thoughts, think of Aya, think of your vacation.. and try to keep your self busy with reading these great stories.. And by the way, your English is good, I can understand everything you said with no problems, even with the grammar mistakes.. so don’t worry.. keep on writing..

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Hnk,
Please do not despair. You say it can't be worse, but trust me, it can ALWAYS be worse. Your family is healthy and alive? That is good. And I pray that you all remain safe.
Things may get worse before they get better, but sooner or later, things will get better.

Terrible said...

I hope that some day soon I'll be able to read more cheerful blogs from you. I feel great sorrow that any people of the world are going through what you and your family are experiencing. Good Luck with school and hang in there and keep blogging.
Ted from Vermont

Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

There were a few small mistakes in what you wrote (nothing big), but you got your point across just fine. I had no trouble understanding what you wrote, and that's the whole point of language. You should feel proud of yourself that you've done so well in mastering a language like English that you didn't grow up speaking. I wouldn't call your English bad at all - it's actually very good.

Sorry to hear about all the sadness you've been dealing with. If I were you, I wouldn't even look at Aya and think about her future - think about your own future. The American forces have only been there a little over a year. When you're 15 years old, a year feels like forever, but with the way medicine is improving, you will probably live to at least 80 years old. Hopefully, things will calm down again soon, and you'll have a lot of years to enjoy for yourself.

Now I'm curious... Maas did mention the gift in his blog but didn't say what it was (he said he didn't know the word for it). What was it?


PS: I linked to your blog from mine yesterday - hope you don't mind.

H.N.K said...

thank you all.....
you encourage me alot.
shawn, first maas is a girl, and she gave me stickers, and she hoped that was a sign of friendship.

Anonymous said...

hey HNK
its been a long time since i made a comment.
regarding your post: as my english teacher says, "take it easy" most of the things that happen are beyond your control, so theres not much you can do. How ever some once told me , bad things happen, so good things are stay good. Aya will hopefull have a peaceful future, because of what is going on now .
Your doing english literature now arent you before 1914, im guessing? we havent yet started on that, right now allwe do in englis is annotate, and we have spend 2months annotating endless poems, and im sick of it. science isnt exactly my best subject either, i much rather mave maths, or art.
i hope you feel better about things, i will pray for you.
Seun p.s you english is quite good, at school we learn french and german, and i couldnt write as well as you do, in english!

Ali Mohamed said...

Hi dear
Iraq will be happy - I'm sure of that - We have to live now among bombs - but tomorrow among flowers like U

strykeraunt said...

It is really interesting that you commented that Najma did not help you today. Before I reached that comment, I was thinking to myself that your written English has really improved.

I agree with everything that the other above me said. I know that things are really bad over there right now, but please keep hope alive. You are probably correct, we probably couldn't live more than one day in Iraq...who are we to tell you how to feel (right?!) My two nephews who were in Iraq for a year said it was hard but they are hopeful that we can win the peace. Please try to focus on the good hope for the future!!!

Jan said...

Hi Hnk, goodmorning, really good blog from Iraq. Keep on writing like Maddog said in a comment just before.

Mad Canuck said...

I am just cracking up laughing at myself right now..... you know sometimes when you talk to someone online you build a picture of the person in your head? Every time you talk to the person online, you imagine the person in front of you. Sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong, and in this case, sometimes you're really, REALLY wrong.

I've met a few people in person who I first met on the Internet and sometimes it's been a real surprise.

I don't know why, I had pictured maas as being a guy (maybe it's the name). Wow..... I feel embarrassed.

(I hope maas wasn't too offended)....


Anonymous said...

hey hnk.

u broke my heart, just hang in there, i understand where your coming from. but i cant say i know where your coming from as i live alot differnt to you. as a matter of fact we all here wish you one day see happy days. you sound like a special person and a beautiful heart.

my names mohamed im 23 yrs of age and living in australia. i will pray for the people of iraq day in day out, violence and war should STOP. Politics these days has taken the world to its worst and corrupt position. STOP THE WAR.


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