Tuesday, October 19, 2004

bad day

I had a very bad day today,first when we went to school we heard the sound of bombing near our school, and I didn't do well in my exam today, and in the 6th lesson we heard another sound of bombing, and dad was so near from it, but thank God he is ok, and when we reached home another bombs was near from my aunt's house, So all her windows were broken and the door need to be repaired, coz it 's not opening any more, and after these 3 bombs, there was another 3 bombs till now, all these bombs made me feel sad and after all that, when I came home Aya was not there, so the only thing that I did was sleeping and studaying and I am tired.
Tomorrow I have a poem written by omro'o al-kais, I think you've heard about this great poet,

وقد اغتدي والطير في وكناتها بمنجرد قيد الاوابد هيكل
مفر مكر مقبل مدبر معا كجلمود صخر حطه السيل من علي


DagneyT said...

hnk, you are a very brave girl, and we in America are praying for your safety. God bless you.

Maddog said...


You and your sister, najma, are living in an atmosphere of fear. It is so very sad.

One day, these occurrences will be ended and you, najma, and your family, will be safe, happy, and free.

So many in this world are wishing the best for you.

Keep up your faith hnk.

BTW - keep on blogging. By telling us the events that are happening in your life, you bring a sense of reality to so many people.


Dalia Mohammed said...

Ramadhan mubarak رمضان كريم

Wendy said...

Yes, God bless you and your family, hnk. I pray that the bombing will stop soon.

Fayrouz said...

I hope you and Najma stay safe. I'm glad your dad made it home safely.

You're in my prayers.

Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

Sorry to hear about all the bombs. They mentioned them a little bit in the news, but not much (the best news coverage out of Mosul is really you and the other bloggers there).

I find it interesting how you had such a bad day, and yet you still had enough positive feelings left in you to talk about poetry and put the Garfield cartoon at the end of your post. You have a very positive outlook on life, and I wish there were more people like that in this world.

Is your aunt okay? She must have been really shaken up.


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