Friday, February 25, 2005

Hello all,
guess what?, my school's microbes are too active!!!!...............
yes... yes... I am sick now.
I don't like that.....................Ever :(
I couldn't play with Aya, or sit near from her ....... ....She looked at me and talked to me and said (waaaahhhwaaaahaa) "I don't know what is that mean in baby's language" but she was waiting me to play with her" I guess" ....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah "well, hnk's language is not so different from baby's language".
Yesterday I didn't go to school till last course, because I was sick, and in the last course I had an examination....

Am I silly today?
well, I am sick
bye bye


Anonymous said...

Yes, You are correct.
Waaaahhhwaaaahaa does mean. Stop what you’re doing
And come play with me. (I learnt that from my cats)
Cat language and baby language is very similar.
Maybe it would be a good time to pick up a children’s book
And just read to her. (from a distance that is)
I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Don from Dallas

Libby said...

Hi hnk

That must have been difficult. Taking an exam while you were feeling sick. Hope you get well quickly.


David said...

I am sorry that you are sick, hnk. I hope that you feel better soon! I think that you might be right about your flooded school making you ill. When the weather warms, the water could grow mosquitos, and they are very bad for spreading sickness. I hope that your school will be fixed soon!

Does Aya know any words yet? Can she say the words for Mama or Papa or Aunt hnk? :)

hnk said...

thank you all,
I want you to pray for me to get well in physics examination next day.....
I should have agood mark ..

-Aya didn't said mama or baba yet.

Anonymous said...

alsalam alikom all:
I'm Ibrahim Alzintany from libya
I saw the phptos of your school
may we call it (swimming school )
I am sorry for your feeling about your school but I think your parents are so prideful with you becouse that is challenge of you
I pray for you to pass exam.
I hope you are in good health.
my kiss for Aya .
with my wishs
my email : ( )

Dr.Saif said...

Hello hnk

Sorry for ur sickness & school, I wish u will really get over it & all the other students in ur school.

wishing u all good things,

Anonymous said...

hey. bear up. the sickness will pass. love to aya. star from mosul is very depressed too for different reasons. tell her to hang on in there. it too will pass.

maas said...

hi hnk ... how do you do?? hope you do ok
the bear was very very nice thank you very much
you did not tell me about you family blog??
your friend

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