Thursday, March 03, 2005

let's talking

Hello all,
I am angry now because I was writing a post and I finished write it and when the time to press publish key cam, IT"S GONE, to where I don't know..........SO here am I write it again
the last post I wrote it I was sick but now I am feeling much better but I didn't answer well in physics examination like usually. And when I went to school last Sunday my friends well come me from the door and tell me that my friends Mary will not come to school because her legs broken. I feel so sad when I heard the news and in the next day Mary came to school with her mother to take few days off and she was looking terrible she was walking using a stick. When I saw her I want to cry , she seem that she want to cry too, because her eyes was full in tears but she prevent herself from crying.

anyway I hope she will be better soon and return back to us healthy, and that will not happend till after the15 next days because the doctor tell her not to use her leg now.
yesterday I bought a nice gift from me and maas for Mary, it is a bear

I was thinking of my friends I consider them like my sister (maas, Mary and hanan) all of them let you feel that they are your sisters. Let's talk about hanan, hanan is Christian and she is one of my BEST best friend, I told her this day that I feel she is like me and she said that she feel that too, the point is that our religion is not conflict with our friend ship. At last we are all from Adam.

well I am waiting Aya now. BTW, did I talk to you about how Najma treat Aya?
I don't think so, Najma usually bring something that Aya like her and want to eat her even it's not for eat and take it in front of Aya's eyes and when Aya expand her hands to take it from her aunt, her aunt take it away from her hand, and Aya continue her effort to get it :(
well that is Najma, what can a little sister (me) do about that??? :(
me and Najma are so different in every thing, and if you are asking about who is the strong one and who is the wronged? I tell you, till 2001 I was the strong one and I was control of Najma but after that she could run away from me :( and I lose my control and I be the wronged girl..
well don't think that Najma is a good girl, because she is not. She is perfect and that is not amuse, that make her a bad girl in my eyes....................
well, I feel jealous from her..Yes..Yes I do, don't laugh, that killing me and let me said that. so the only way that let me end talking is to say bye and go
so bye, and have a good week end.