Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The nightmare

Hi all,
Well, I am feeling terrible today. If anyone from you read my sister's blog, he might know why I said that.
Me, Najma, and Aya were alone in the house. Me and Aya were a sleep when Najma came and told me to wake up and said that my cousin who work in the shop near from our house call and said there is a mine in front of our house, so we should go to the safe room in the house and opened all the window. We did what he said, at that time there was nothing strange, just the sound of helicopters.
After some minutes the nightmare is began, we didn't know what is happening, we heard sound of Bomb, explosion, shelling . I ran and carry aye and sit in the bed far from the window. Me and Najma began to sing to Aya to not make her scare and then we stopped and hug every gather while a big bomb continue and the windows smash. Every body bagan to call us and ask about what happened. I don't remember what is happened exactly. It look like nightmare while it's not and It seem that It need 2 month not 2 hours .
After some times the road open and my mother reach the house and then my father.
and as Najma said"All the neighbors agreed, never in the war have we been in such a horrible day!"

What happened make me feel sure that American army is occupation forces not anything else.
stay In peace.


Jack Bennett said...

HNK, I'm so glad that you, Najma and Aya are safe. I was just about to write you today to assure you of my prayers and to see if you were alright. You are all so brave. I don't know if I could be so level-headed in the same situation and I don't even have a small baby like Aya to take care of. I hope she doesn't get nightmares because of it (or you either).

Yes, Americans are occupiers but they are also protectors (although I know you don't see it that way). The terrorists (Zarquawi's men) have for some reason decided to bring their fight to Mosul and it seems the people who get hurt are innocent people like your family. I feel so helpless sitting here in American while you are in such danger every day.

I just hope one day soon the terrorists give up, all troops leave your streets and Mosul can be a regular city again where people can live in peace. I'm praying for you and everyone in your city.

maas said...

alhamdolilah ala slamatekom hnk i was very worried about you when you tell me

Don Cox said...

You seem to have been in the middle of a battle. Report here, rather confused.

Rosebuds said...


The americans want to leave and as soon as the Iraqi army gets up to full strength they will. The americans cannot leave or the terrorists will overthrow the democratically elected government. Is that what you want??? I know it is difficult, but he Americans are not the problem. If the terrorists would stop hurting the Iraqi people they would stay on there bases and never come out. Then they would leave once the Iraqi army is at enough strength to defend your country alone. I know you are young but and frustrated but the above is the only way Iraq can become all that it should be.

Anonymous said...

HNK, I cannot begin to imagine what it is like for you and your family to live in such peril all the time.

The Americans rationalising here on your comments section are so wrong.
American soldiers protect only American soldiers - that is official - and their presence in Iraq is giving the insurgents the "best" reason to be there. The Americans have no intention of letting the new Iraqi forces become strong enough - there are strong rumours that Americans are staging some of the "suicide attacks", using vehicles that they have impounded for a while on some pretext, loaded with explosives, and then released back to the unsuspecting Iraqi owner/driver; then detonated by remote control to try to inflame Sunni-Shia tensions.

America is occupying Iraq to prevent its oil being sold on the world market in euros (not dollars), and to prevent Iraq being a market competitor to the US-friendly oil-producing countries.

American foreign policy stinks.
Rachel, a Brit in London

Storyteller said...

HNK, I'm so glad that you, Najma and Aya are safe. I am so sorry you have to live through this terrifying kind of hell and pray that there will be peace for your country ASAP. I'm not going to make excuses for anyone because I think that's just dumb to do ... here I am safe in my house, why would I want to preach about how you should feel? Anyway, I am praying that you and your whole family remain safe.

Brian H said...

OMG! A blast from the past! RtB is back in circulation!

For an insurgent, a residential area is the perfect cover. It offers lots of shooting/mortar platforms, and it's easy to make sure no one can get at them without risking damage or death to the civilians.

Did you notice your house wasn't hit directly by a bomb? Wonder why?

David said...

Dear Hnk,
After I got your email, I was very worried for you and your family. I did read Najma's post, so I understood what had happened. I wish that there will be no more bombings in Iraq, but I know that there will be more. I am very sorry that you had to experience such a terrible thing, but I am happy to know that you and your family are all safe! Please continue to be very careful.
I wish you peace, also,

Aunt Najma said...

Don cox,

I think you're confused because of this?

--"U.S. military spokesman Sgt. John Franzen said American troops were investigating reports that a homemade bomb was planted in the area when they came under fire from militants.

"Forces were attacked and called in helicopters to support them in the battle with insurgents," Franzen said. He added that U.S. soldiers reported minimal damage to the two buildings and found no injured or dead insurgents.

But Lt. Gen. Ahmad Mohammed Khalaf, commander of Mosul's police forces, told a news conference later that U.S. aircraft destroyed two homes where the militants were holed up, killing 20.

He said U.S. soldiers fought 80 militants who had fled to Mosul from Qaim, a town near the Syrian border that was the scene of a recent weeklong U.S. military operation aimed at destroying supporters of Jordanian-born militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi."--

Being in the center of it all, I'd tell you that U.S. military spokesman Sgt. John Franzen was the one who said it right there..

Mad Canuck said...

Thanks, Najma, I hadn't see that article before. Now that I have seen it, and the details behind what happened, I am angry.

From what Sgt. Franzen reported, it sounds like a planned ambush. Some terrorist planted the bomb in front of your house, knowing that the American soldiers would come to remove it after someone reported the bomb. Then the terrorists waited in a nearby house for the Americans to come so they could surprise them and attack them.

The terrorist who planted that bomb didn't care about you - they just wanted to lure the American soldiers out of their base so they could attack them, and they didn't care who else got hurt or killed in the process. They planted a live bomb in front of your house, and didn't care if you got hurt by it. Then, they started a gunfight in your neighborhood and didn't care if you, Najma, or Aya got hit by one of the bullets flying around. To them, you were human shields - they figured the Americans would probably not respond with heavy force in a populated neighborhood where too many people may be killed. To them, your lives were expendable, something they could just throw away for the "greater good", much like the scum who flew the airplanes into the World Trade Center felt about the innocent people on those planes or in those buildings.

When I read the details behind Tuesday's attack this morning, I was angry. Angry that someone would wantonly put the lives of people I care about at risk like that for the sake of a fight you, Najma, and the rest of your family wanted no part of. Someday, I hope justice will be served on the scum who planted that bomb in front of your house and who needlessly put your lives at risk.

emigre said...

Thank goodness you all lived to tell the tale.

I hope one day we can tell tales, in peace.

Anonymous said...

hello emigre
I think you can say everything in peace , and the proof is your writings