Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Salam all,

One week without writing a post made a good numbers of news. What can we do? Iraqi life is really active.
As you know I finished my school last week so that I could go with my mother and my sister (Najma) to visit my grand parents in
The road that leading to
Baghdad was not really good. To be more clearly, there were two booby-trap, one of them was not break out yet, so we changed our way. And the other one was smashed.
Anyway we reach
Baghdad. What happened before (in the last visit to Baghdad) happened this time too. I waited to visit Baghdad all the time BUT when I reach it I wanted to get out of it.
We visit
Baghdad every 6 month or more than that. So between the last two visits there were a big changes. It became worse over time. I was seeing Baghdad like a paradise. And that was in sadam's times.

This visit to
Baghdad was the first one after my uncle Ahmad leaved it. You know how much parents missed their sun?. So imagine How mush my grand father and my grand mother were sad!
Our visit helps them to return the smile into their faces. My cousin moved into my grand parent's house and lived with them. So there was a persone who could play with us.
My cousin learned Me, Najma, and Raghda How to play badminton. We were all bad on it and my mother and my grand's parents didn't stop laughing at us but we became better than before. I also played chess and won when I played with raghda and her brother but I didn't won neither once when I played with my cousin. :(

Some day when I was sitting with Najma , raghda and her brother and my cousin I asked my grad father which group do you prefer Me, Najma and raghda. Or the boy's group? He said I prefer your group. My cousin said (add uncle ahmad to our group)
then Najma said add your little grandchild (uncle ahmad's daughter) and add his wife too. My grand father didn't tell us which group that he prefer after these great change, that because uncle Ahmad's family didn't belong to any group now because they are the family who all the family miss them of course so if we belonged them to any group that mean we are cheating because we will be the winner. And when we asked me grand mother, she said I love you All. You don't know my grand mother, she have a big hard that have a space for all the words.

After 5 days in
Baghdad we came back to Mosul and saw Aya finally. Aya have one tooth now and we are proud of her to have it. Yesterday I and Najma take care of her for a while tell her mother came from her work.
Yesterday at night I asked my mother to choose what she wants to eat in the lunch today and she asked me to cook what I find it easy to me. I DON"T FIND ANYTHING
I don't know why I am telling you this. Do you know incinerated the kind of sweet that I make it yesterday I am not a bad woman all the time. I can clean the kitchen and made it SO clean (that was my mother told me).

Tomorrow I will go with my father to buy my success gift (Yahoo)

See you soon