Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Hi all,

Be optimistic, you are normal. I told you before about the stupid thing that I did which make me think that my mind is stop working. Here's another example, yesterday when I was preparing the table I putted two fork to each dish.
well, after last post I receive many E-mail who their sender told me the same example "I go to the room for something and when I reach the room I don't know why I am here"
All OF YOU SAME EXAMPLE......Come one, your minds are working.

I don't write from along times, and many things happened that don't help me to be happy not at all. I am not in a good mind to write about it. Well all what can I said that
Today is better than tomorrow

we were so near from being died this week. Especially my parents.
The people around me killed and kidnapped.
OH, Allah help us