Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's Iraqis life, it's my life

Salaam all,
How are you people?

I didn't write from a while, so here is my news:
These days I was busy with Aya and house work (cleaning, washing and cooking) I help my mother preparing the lunch today, we made Kabab.
I cooked yesterday too, I cooked an Iraqi food called "Dolmah" I put its picture before and here is it again.

One of the reasons that prevented me from writing, was Aya, she come to our house in the day which is my turn in the computer, so I don't have enough time to write a post, but here I am today writing this post after my Mom take Aya to sleep and dad took Najma to her course of Arabic.
One of the people who work with my father in the same building, called before an hour and asked my father not to come to the clinic, he said there is a confrontation in the region around the clinic.
So my father will take my turn as I think, " well, I am sure" But no problem he is my great dad.

The day before yesterday I was too sad so I decided to go to my room and try to draw something. I did that, I draw a wonderful image as I think because Najma, NAJMA who never admit till today that the pictures I draw is nice, she did that now, she told me that it is beautiful *whew!*

Hot news: Now my sister come from the hospital and said, today there were a lot of patient with bullets injuries while they were inside their houses, yes inside their house.
Well I told you tha,t last week was full of danger. And I don't like to talk about that, so you can read about that in my father's blog Bad days
And for more information check Najma's blog.

I don't like to talk a bout that. When I write a bout the bad things that happened to Iraqi people, when I write about the bad situation I end my post and I am in a bad state more than I was.

Well, we have big problem in Mosul this week. The fuel is not available and it cost 25 times more than before from the black market. We don't bye it from the fuel station because it's too crowded and there is no hope to reach your turn before 10 hours, and after that 50% they will not get you fuel. That if you could wait till after 10 hours.
This is Mosul problem these days.

Baghdad have another problem, the people there don't have water,
Not even polluted water. And we are in summer and this is Baghdad. So asked Allah to help them.