Friday, July 01, 2005

Just talking

I had written many posts, but I didn't have courage to publish it, I don't know why.
I didn't go out of house since 9 days ago thus I have no new news.

"Day after day the situation in Iraq get better " that's what one of the height rank military said. But the reality shows the opposite.
that let me remember what Najma said to me some day
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubts"

If it is geing better then why we don't have water and oil while we live in the country of oil. And we have two rivers Tigris and the Euphrates .

We are in the 3 rd year of the war. 3 years and the war didn't end.
SO when you want to help Iraqi people don't send your cousin and sons to Iraq to fight. Because they fight us not fight for us.

Did you forget the WMD?
Did you forget what happened in Abo Graib?
Did you forget what the humanity mean?
Did you forget what the human needs?

Don't bother, I also forget something but I forget
What the peace look like..
What the street look like..
What the sky in the night look like..
What my relatives look like..

Some times I just think if you see what my eyes saw, if you hear what my ears heard. you will be able to understand what I mean.

Some words from the world
Did you read what khalid wrote in his blog about me? read this
"I am pro God, I am pro life, I am pro humanity, I am pro truth, and when the American goverment choses to be against all that then damn it:I AM anti American-goverment"

And Najma write a great post You should read it also.

And at the end I want to share you this Joke
Are you pessimistic?
do you feel( Sad, poor and disturbed)?
congratulation you are iraqi 100%

Another Joke " who is iraqi?"
Iraqi is a human live in this world, hated by countries in this world, wronged by the media's world,disbuded in thoughts about this world, exploited by goverment's world and sad in his life in this world. well it's not look like joke in English, so I will write it in Arabic

تعريف العراقي: :كائن حي مكروه دوليا. مظلوم أعلاميا. مشتت ذهنيا. مثقف ماديا. مضطهد حكوميا. تعيس عمليا.منكوب يوميا