Saturday, April 29, 2006

The conversation between reality and imagination

Good morning,
today I am going to write my essay which I wrote a week ago. My English teacher asked us to write an essay about what ever we want. And Express our thoughts and dreams in this essay.
Anyway, The title of my subject is:

The conversation between reality and imagination

Alaa Al-din took me in his magic carpet to the sky.
I told him that I was dreaming of living in that height.
He thought deeply and said you was the leader in your life,
I told him that the doors were all locked in my eyes.
He stood silent and then said you didn't try to open the doors you had never tried.
I told him that I tried then I lied and lied and lied.
The expression of sadness was drawn in his eyes. He said you didn't have enough confidence in your life and he was right, I admit he was right.
I told him that I was scared to be like a mouse in the night.
He told me that I can't get what I want without a fight.
I told him that the enemy was large in size and I didn't have the courage to face him and so I cried.
He told me that I was acting like the prince in the guess game and I belonged to the blue side.
I told him that there is no prince in chess and there are only tow sides: the black and white.
HE said you chose to be like a queen when you didn't play part in your life. You chose to play for no side and you were really blind.
I told him that I lied to him at the beginning and that I knocked the door but when it was opened I hide.
His eyes began to glow; he said you didn't take any step in your life. Your soul was not a home.
You chose to live the other's life...
He touched my hand and said:

In the centre of your black eyes, there is a light. If you want to catch it you have to fight.
My dear you have to fight.

The teacher arranged a seminar between the students in my grade.
Each girl represented the essay she wrote in front of the teachers and the others girls. And there were many good essays and my essay was one of them.
At the end of the seminar the teacher awarded the two girls who wrote the best two essays.
And I was one of the winners. the teachergave an album as a gift. I was too surprised because I didn't expect this. But I was too happy too.

I will stop writting now, and leave the others news for another days.
Good bye


red one said...

I am not surprised that you were one of the winners! You have a real talent for writing and a very distinctive way of expressing yourself.

I really like this.


Libby said...

Excellent! It's no wonder you won.
It left me wondering, "Will she step through the door?"
The title and the last three lines are wonderful.
Good for you, Hnk

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me. You have always had a very special way to express yourself. Keep it up.

rain said...

Very beautiful~ i love the rhyme~ nmabrook 3al album

David said...

Hnk, I think your essay is very good! Congratulations on winning a prize! I think that the moral of your story is to not give up. Always keep trying as this is the key to finding happiness in life. :)

EdoRiver said...

I am glad I am not your father ;-)
My question for you, "How much of what you wrote, do you know, and how much do you believe?" I won't ask you which parts.....

Simcha said...

Congratulations! It really is very good and subtle. So Alladin represents imagination, and you represent reality. Or resignation, maybe? Or good old pragmatism? I especially like the part where it turns out you didn't tell the whole truth, even to someone like that :)
By the way, your story reminds me of a story by Franz Kafka: it's called 'Before the law'. It's very easy to find and read on the Internet. (The original is in German: 'Vor dem Gesetz'.)
My comments always grow out of proportion...:)

Keep it up!

hnk said...

THank you all for your nice comment, I'll do my best to keep in touch and keep going.

Ahmed said...

Dear HNK,
Very very nice, I am really impressed. I think you should focus more on this type of writing than on normal one because you seem to be talented in this.
Your uncle,
PS: the N here in not the same N as HNK's but the K is the same :-)