Saturday, May 20, 2006

trying again...

I am trying to write a new post every day in this week. I discovered that the average percent of the daily visits to my bog get lower than before. Well, I don't balm the people who read my bog. Because I don't write regularly last 3 months.
But yesterday I promise myself to not value myself low or my blog. And I'll try to retune the life to my blog and make it breath again.
Now, I have a good opportunity to do something make me feel especial.
Najma's examination will start after 2 weeks. She'll not have enough time to write a post nor visit my blog. So I hope that when she'll finish her examination. My blog will be famous that even Oprah winfry will talk about. :)
Will, I want to do something or to reach some point that Najma didn't reach. I think this is my dream; I want to be her someone. This is disaster and I know it's not good, but I have to do it before I'll lose my confidence in confidence itself. well let's say that she is someone that I look to be like.
She writes in NY Times and washingtonpostt and many others. Well I admit I feel jalousie because I didn't write in a newspaper before.

Well, tell me what I should write. I do nothing every day except studying and sleeping and watching TV. Well, I don't like what I do and I don't like talking about what I do. I don't like what is going on in this planet, I don't like living in this planet where no word of truth was heard.
let's try to do something useful
But not today....
Tomorrow tomorrow ..I'll write a new post tomorrow.


Simcha said...

You should really keep that promise, because your blog is very valuable. Not only because it's from Iraq.
Not only does Oprah talk about famous things, she also makes things famous and popular by talking about it...:)
I sometimes try this: I try to be really confident that I don't need any confidence. A paradox, I know.
Please do talk about what you do! What do you study? What do you watch on TV?

Truth About Iraqis said...

Why don't you write about what young people can do in Mosul in the summer.

As you may know I am Mislawi and would love to read what youth are doing now as opposed to 10, 15 years ago when I was there.


Libby said...

I few things I'd like to hear about:

1. A "Dream Post". If Iraq were safe, secure and unrestricted what activities would you like to do with
your family and friends. (don't answer if this makes you too sad)

2. FOOD! Everyone likes to talk about food.

3. Anything about Aya and Ayman.

I read Najma's blog
I read your blog
I like them both.

Najma is Najma
Hnk is Hnk

I like them both the same. :)

David said...

Hnk, you are making me work so hard! You are right, I have been feeling rather unbalmed the last three months, but this week, I feel quite balmy. :) Again, I am being silly with words. I think you meant to say "satisfy", but balm is an interesting word too. ;)

Why do you want to be like Najma? Can Najma write an excellent poem like your "conversation between reality and imagination"? Can Najma draw a very good picture like the one you just showed us? Your introduction of Ayman was much better than what Najma wrote. I like to read Najma's blog, but honestly I think yours is better (now Najma will be angry at me ;) )! Maybe I will write to Oprah and tell her about my talented friend Hnk. :)

I think Libby has a good idea. I don't know anything about what kind of food Iraqi people like to eat. I enjoy tasting different food from around the world, so please stimulate my appetite!

EdoRiver said...

I have two remaining 2006kimono style catalogs, after sending the others out to friends in the US and Europe.--these are nothing fancy, just a little thought to show I care about you and your friends, I would like to send one to you but maybe that isn't safe. So I could send it to your school, I would address it to one of your teachers, school address, coming from Japan. And you would know, when it arrived that it was because of your blog (as well as your other family members) that it came there for everyone to enjoy. Just an idea of mine. Otherwise these 2 catalogs will get thrown away.

عطاء said...
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hnk said...

Thank you: Simcha (BTW: do you know your name mean fish in Arabic)
I'll try to write about this subject :)
Thank you truth about Iraqi, But we (the teen age) are do nothing as I mentioned.

Libby, I love you. I will write post about food. Don't worry.

David..David David, You are too patient with me. Thank you very much

Edoriver, thank you very much, write me an email, so I can write my address (well, I'll write my mother's address) and send it to you.

ramzi said...

I thought "samac" was the word for fish in Arabic. Maybe different dialect...

Why don't you talk about current events? Not just the news about Iraq, but do you have any interests in other parts of the world? You will be surprised how interested you can get if you read into the stories and news about people from around the world.


Anonymous said...


Don't let the number of comments decieve you. I'm sure many people are reading your blog, but just don't have the time to write back. Best of luck from New York City!

Anonymous said...

I check your blog everyday. I sometimes comment but not always. I also read Najma's blog. Each is different. What I like about your blog is there is so much feeling in it. Sibling rivalry is normal but your blog is just as interesting and important as your sisters. Keep it up.

Dorman said...

I hope you and your people find peace one day.