Friday, May 22, 2009

How a girl suppose to study !!

One of the main problem that I was facing the last two year, And since I went to the college of pharmacy is that I don't have any time to do any thing but studying
* And weeping, and that's what I am already doing it :)*

I am now with no force to study a page of my stupid lectures. And my final examination will begin in 24 of April and will end in 27 of June.

Time: 11:20 PM.
my mood : is orange :) * kind of expression, to indicate how bad my mood is *
weather: hot

I need nothing but your prayer.. so pray for me


Libby said...

Dear hnk, as always I wish nothing but the best for you. I know you can do it.
Change that orange to gold!


Don Cox said...

I am sure all of your readers are thinking of you and wishing you well. Pharmacy is one of the hardest subjects to study, but as Libby says, you can do it.

Khalid from said...
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Khalid from said...

Salam HNK,

I know the pressure is huge on you to be prepared for all these exams but I have a strong believe that you will succeed.

I pray to ALLLAH for you to get strength and a solid determination to pass all exams fo this year and every year.

Take care,

Roy said...

When your exams are over and you have time to relax, I bet you will say that it wasn't really that hard.You are a smart girl who can do anything she puts her mind to. Give yourself a gold star.

bedo said...

شكراااااااااااااااا علي المواضيع الرائعة
وأرجو زيارة مدونتي علي الرابط التالي

David said...

I think you need a vacation Hnk. I hope your family can take a trip after your exams are over.

I hope your mood will change from orange to blue. Blue seems like a happy color to me. :)

Ahmed TN said...

Hi HNK Best Wishes for you.. i will ask from God for all good Iraqians to have a peaceful life and help us to pass the war .
i'm sure you will have good marks don't worry about this

attawie said...

Was looking at the date and remembered your post and your exams :)

I pray that you're doing great with your exams and your mood is already (pick a colour you like) and no more mazaj burtoqali :)

Anonymous said...

cheer up girl...I think of you like a prayer with you on my favorites for al those long years.

take care,
Jan from HOLLAND

العاب said...


kate keeley said...

May golden sun shine in your heart.

M.H.Z said...

Interestingly enough, I saw this post a day before the end of your finals, actually, I think you're done by now with the time difference and all, I hope you did well, I feel for you, and I wanna know how it went, so keep your readers informed .. if you want to of course :D


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Sandybelle said...

hello hnk, how are you?

oh, yea'a, too much studying!!! i just thought that college is easier than school, omg, i cant guess what is waiting for me..mmm

you have a nice blog hnk, surely we're praying for you, i hope you did well :) :) :)

John said...

Dear HNK,
I hope you will feel better soon. I hope you and Najma will have a good experience on your travel this summer. I'll pray for you for sure!
Best regards,
John Dziak

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