Sunday, August 22, 2004

hello sims fans, some one wrote me a spacial commen, and he didn't tell me her name, he put 2 site of sims,but he didn't teach me how can we exactly use those stuffs in the game..and, Where should I copy them?this is my quesion, any body know how can I do this, plz tell me 0_0 ... Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

hnk, the link above gives good instructions on how to download and install objects into your Sims game. Basically, you download zipped files, unzip them, and put them into the Downloads folder of your game. And the objects will appear in the Buy or Build modes.

Click on the FAQ button in the menu on the left side of the page, there are more tutorials. The site owner writes for PC and Macintosh computers. If you have a PC, you shouldn't have many problems. One thing to remember - some of the objects are compatible with certain expansions. For example, if you do not have the expansion (like Makin' Magic, etc.) that the object needs, your game will crash. So, be careful.

Here is the official Sims site for PC users. You need to register in order to download objects, etc.

Have fun. And I hope you don't get too big a headache if things don't work right in the beginning. I had a hard time until I finally learned how.


Anonymous said...

Hi, hnk. I think you may be interested in this. One of the staff for this site is an Iraqi college student living in Baghdad. She creates the house lots. Maybe you can contact her if you have any questions or problems with your Sims game.

Happy Simmering,

H.N.K said...

thanks laura for your help, and the arabian sims's site is great, thank you very much..:)

Anonymous said...

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