Saturday, August 21, 2004

muhahaha, the bird got the cat, thats great, coz I hate cats, sorry raghda. Posted by Hello


DagneyT said...

If you and your cousin are taking these pictures you share, you could make a fortune selling them to greeting card companies! This one is hilarious!

jeff said...

This is a comment for the men cooking thing, Miss H. I was afraid you wouldn't see it if I put it there.

All I want to say is, You haven't tasted my spaghetti! Or my homemade pizza!

Maybe the world where men can't cook is the one where the bird gets the cat! ;-)


Raghda Zaid said...

how you can hate cats it is so cut and beautiful i love it, but this is strange, you hate cats and i love it!!!

Princess Kimberley said...

LOL That looks like my evil, brown tabby. I had a yellow parakeet who would torment the heck out of the cat. The cat would stick her paw in the cage, and the bird would bite, and hand on with his tiny parrot beak. The bird would also spit seed at the cat, and he could meow likw the cat to lure the cat over to his cage. Then the bird would scream his little birdie head off, to get the cat in trouble.

BTW, American's are praying for a peaceful, free Iraq.