Sunday, August 08, 2004

My friend has just send me these two pictures,The scientests at NASA took these two pictures from one of their space _satellites. It's clearly evident that, While all of the world appears clark and gloomy,The khanna kabba looks like a shinning star, Isn't this amazing??... Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...


just a corriction
this called digital hilighting you can do it with
photshop or other grafic design programs.
may be u wanna look it since you like picures.

and beacuse u r young and clever.
you must be amazed by the reality not by the mithes

be amazed by the photoshop program
and by NASA sattelits that take pictures of everything



Anonymous said...

The white concrete and marble has a very high reflectivity compared to black asphalt or brown sand. With the correct sun-satellite positioning, all this light was reflected back to the camera. Or, could be photoshop.

Anonymous said...

HNK, do you have your own camera? Do you have a digital one?

jeff said...

Thank you HNK. But what is the miracle? And what does this mean: BIL MUNASABA ATHWYAT AL KA3BBA KULHA MADE IN AMERICA AND ALMANYA ? Is Khanna Kaba, the Ka'aba in Mecca?

English correction, don't be mad. "Shining" means bright light comes out of it. "Shinning" means going up a tree with your legs and arms wrapped around the tree and you climb up the tree pushing with your legs.

But beautiful pictures! Did you go there?

H.N.K said...

yes, I have a digital camera.
thank you for your comment, and the miracle here in these three pic is that the name of god written like that in arabic.
and ATHWYAT AL KA3BBA KULHA, means in English all the light of kaaba.

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Anonymous said...

Neonknight ... tui akta moderchod ... Allah toke dekhe nibe .... as if der's nuthn else in da world whch r made up of marble excpt dos 2 places... sucha wasted fool