Saturday, November 06, 2004

day of my life

Here I am, write to you again, in spite of the bad situation around me...
yesterday when I heard that boush won and the American soldiers will began to attack al_faluja, I began to cry and I couldn't stop, and my head ache me, So I went to bed without finishing my homework as should I do,in the morning when we went to school there was check point, That give me a little moment to look to the book and check my information, When we were in the road to school, One of the girls who is with us in this taxi shout" oooh look at our school, it is not there"
We look to her and wonder" what she is talking about?" that is not our school, That is one of many building that Americans destroyed it in the war.some times you feel that you are not in the same area that you lived all yor life.

Today we went to the shop to found clothes for me while Najma and my father went to the dentist ,anyway that was after the school so, I was so tired and my leg ache me now, there is saying that when your legs ache you that mean you will being tall :) thats good

yesterday one of our teacher gave her son to the lesson, and that was terrible, He took all the pens and pencil from the girls and He don't stop from jumping and running about the class,our teacher shout to him but he didn't stop, the teacher try to continue the course but the girl's eyes looking at the boy all the time.

today I had a chimist examination, and the quition was So hard, and the girls began to cry but I didn't.I felt that it was easy, but when I saw that the girls cring and said that it was so hard, I felt that I didn't get well.
I didn't check the answer with my friend till now but I know that I had a small mistake, thanks god anyway.

this is some picture my father took them when he went to egypt.


Jan said...

Hi hnk, it must be sad times for you and all the people in your area.
I know of the siege of Falluja by American forces. The soldiers got orders from Bush to clean the city from terrorists. It isn't hard to understand that everytime Bush gives such orders new terrorists will be born.
How can it be stopped? Terrorists are spread all over the world.
It's a shame that Bush has been re-elected, but I think that Kerry couldn't rebuild the things what Bush destroyed.
Rebuilding Iraq will take some time and will need the whole world. Hopefully it will be done for the Iraqi people and not for the bloody oil.

Wishing you joy, wishdom and health,

Maddog said...

Hi nhk!

I also know of the problems in Falluja. I hope those of you in Iraq will be glad to be rid of a very large terrorist threat. Your troubles in Mosul are "not" with American troops. Americans are not bombing your schools and killing your friends.

We all care for you. One day things will be better. It will not happen overnight.

Keep studying. When I started my first Calculus class, I was so scared. It was so hard. But, you know what? After I completed the course, it seemed that it wasn't so hard after all! That's how it works.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi hnk,

I have seen many houses and buildings destroyed before, but it was because of a tornado. A tornado is a very very strong spinning storm. I even saw where a house had been, but it was completely gone. But a tornado comes and goes very quickly. It sounds almost like you are having a tornado every day.

I hope that you will grow as tall as you would like to be. :)

The teacher's son sounds like a very naughty little boy! :) But maybe your teacher was worried about leaving her son with someone else while she was teaching. I think that many parents in Iraq must be worried for their children right now.

Chemistry can be a hard subject. I remember mixing different chemicals in my class and making different colors. One time my friend mixed the wrong things together and there was a small but loud explosion. He was lucky that he was not hurt. All the students laughed, but the teacher was very mad. She gave a long speech about how to be careful and safe.

Your father's pictures from Egypt are very nice. I am very interested in the history of Egypt. They have a very old and very amazing civilization. So does Iraq! Someday, I would like to visit Egypt and maybe also Iraq. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hnk,

If you really knew what was going on in Fallujah you would understand why the troops are going to attack. The so called insurgents in that city and elsewhere are not fighting to free Iraq. They are fighting to enslave it. As for someones earlier comment about rebuilding Iraq for the "bloody oil" all I have to say is, don't be stupid. It was never about the oil. If we had wanted Iraq's oil all we had to do was buy it. Saddam sold to the highest bidder.

Your teachers son sounds like a typical boy. They always want all the attention!

I hope you found some nice clothes when you went shopping. I enjoy shopping as well. Aha! A typical girl.

Stay safe,
Lynnette in Minnesota

Lynnette in Minnesota

Cerridwen said...

hi hnk :)

it is so nice to read blogs from someone from your country :)

I am an American but it doesn't mean I believe in war. I do not only cry for our soldiers who died from this war but for your people too. I wish that there will be an answer to this current sitution soon. We both know so many people has suffered already.

If you do not mind, I want to add you to my link to be part of my daily reading, will it be alright?

Keep safe :)

Jan said...

Hi Hnk,
Bullets over your head, helicopters and airplanes in the sky, mnilitary in the street. It must be tough times, with a lot of traumatized people.
I know that you can laugh about anything. Why? In the 2nd world war when our people were occupied by the Germans there was laughter too. Different and with minimal means, but it was cozy.
All those Americans who think the oil is not the cause of this bloodshed don't know better. Of course the yanks wanna buy the oil instead getting it for free but they started the war because of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. That was a lie. Politicians keep on telling lies. They wanna stabilize the Mid-East. Nothing wrong with that, they need it to. Exactly, to trade oil.

Anonymous said...


You have a right to your opinion. A lot of people gave their lives in WWII so that countries occupied by the Germans could be free. That means people can think whatever they choose.

I certainly am not qualified to speak on Saddams ability or desire to create weapons of mass destruction. That is something you would have to talk to the Kurds and Iranians about.

As for oil, there is nothing the United States would love more then to do without Middle East oil. We are continually looking for alternative sources of fuel.

Lynnette in Minnesota

Jan said...

Dear Hnk,

It is for the good cause to say to Lynette that she has to add the words -But that's a lie too- to the previous post.

Hnk tell us how you manage to stay online and write your posts. I'm very interested in your story.

Keep on smiling,

Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

There is some scary looking news today coming out of Mosul, with some fighting and the governor ordering a curfew. I just want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.

Kind regards,

Matthias said...

Wow. This is a great blog. You know, we in the states find out all this stuff about the alleged war on iraq that we never stop to consider what it's like for you folks on that side of the world.

I'm sorry our president sucks. (I didn't vote for him, and know that it was a pretty close vote. Most of the young Americans that voted, voted for Senator Kerry. Tells you something about where our nation will be in a few years.) I hope this awful situation can be fixed with a minimum of life lost and of mainly us getting ourselves out.

take care, be safe in your unfortunately war-torn nation. Sorry about us...

Seun said...

honestly it really does *insert rude word here* me off, to hear about that, after al he has done, yet he is STILL president, when i herd he won the vote, i was almost scared, i all of a sudden felt very scared and insecure. i feel like the whole world is doomed, having another 4 years of this man, means the world continuing to be destroyed for another 4 years. and what really gets to me is that, he actually wants to continue to do what he is doing.

on a lighter note, i have always wanted to go egypt, i hope you father had a lovley time.
best wishes,

Faisal ... said...

Assalaamoualaikoum hnk

It is hard times. I have been crying too when I heard such news on the media here in the uk. If the Americans were really doing this for the good of Iraq, why did they not atleast respect the religion of the civilians there? Why attempt such an assault during the month of ramadhan? Why during the last week of roza? Why on Lalat-ul-Qadr?

Allah knows best hnk - not us humans. Whatever happens, always choose the right way. There will be times when you'll be tempted, through anger or illusion, to take the bad path.

Peace be upon you and your family.

Anonymous said...


I'm not quite sure what you were trying to say? That my words were a lie? It is sad to realize that there are so many people out there who cannot comprehend a motive, except that which would move them. The UN Oil for Food Program proved lucrative for certain governments. I am sure they are disappointed to see Saddam gone.


Excuse me? Not respect religion? Us? We are not the ones who set off the car bombs during Ramadan. We are not the ones who store weapons in mosques. We are not the ones who use mosques as cover to fight multi-national forces. You're right though about God. Have you ever thought that maybe he's trying to tell YOU something? Maybe YOU should listen. Maybe He doesn't care for how the "insurgents" are treating his places of worship!


I didn't mean to turn your blog into a debate. Sometimes it is frustrating to read some comments and I cannot help but respond. Take care and stay safe. It is extremely dangerous right now.

Michelle said...

What beautiful pictures of Egypt :) I have always imagined going there and your fathers pictures were very heartwarming.

I am so very sorry that these things are happening to you. I am sorry that my country felt the need to invade yours for whatever reason. I hope you stay well, you are in my thoughts.
Be safe please :)

Faisal ... said...


Sorry when I said that they Americans do not respect our religion. I apologise for this because that was not right from my part. On the other hand, it was a reference to your leader and his commanders.

For the God bit, well you won't understand. I am not in favour of any terrorists, with or without uniforms - with Muslim names or without.

Jan said...

Faisal, anonymous (what's in a name) talked about respect of religion, not me.

I'm Dutch by the way and I'm glad that we'll pull out our troops in March 2005.
However it's a pity for the region of As Samawa. To talk about respect, we respect your feelings.

And Hnk, keep your head up, your people needs you and your friends.

jimmy said...

those are lovely pictures of Egypt, but can you post pictures from your city? maybe your house? I will pray for you that peace will soon come to your area of the world and you can finish growing up without fear.

Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

I wanted to wish you and your family a happy and blessed Eid. I read your sister's post this morning and although I'm sad for the violence in Mosul, I'm happy you're okay.

Eid MubarakShawn.

Michael said...

You have a very stupid view on the War on terror, the US's role and the way Iraq fits in the war plan. Basically, you don't deserve your freedom. But your personal fate is not important in the broader plan of making he West safer by democratization of the Middle East.

Anonymous said...

Faisal and Jan,

That anonymous was me. I forgot to sign my name again. Alzheimers setting in young. Sorry about that.

Lynnette in Minnesota

Kristine said...

Hnk, I want to wish you the best of luck over there. I'm american and I don't agree with the war either. I hope Bush pulls out soon.. but I don't see it happening. I hope you're ok.

Lynette, what are your qualifications to tell Hnk about the mindset of the insurgents in Fallujah? I'm pretty she knows her history and the facts a hell of a lot better then you do. Just because you watch CNN and see something it doesn't mean its the truth. Don't try to educate about what you don't know.

Vestal Vespa said...

Keep blogging, stay strong. I hope one day that it is safe enough for Americans to come visit Iraq and fully understand its beautiful culture and people. My father lived in Tehran for a time and I have always wanted to visit the Middle East- but for now, blogs such as yours are the only link we have to that world.

Vestal Vespa

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