Saturday, November 13, 2004

dear america

Don't ask me any question about what happened in Mosul, I am really tired of Life.

I didn't go to school from Tuesday. Because the situation is so bad, Thank you America for your help, You made my life more difficult than it was, more worse than it was and more scared.

I should ask you a question: what do you do if some one entered your house with out permission?, "enter by force"?
Tell me what do you do?

I will be a lier if I tell you I can't sleep last night because I was so sad, the truth is I can't sleep because the Americans was bombards our neighborhood.
What should I say, I have so many things I want to write, but I can't.

Till when we must follow what the America says? Till when we should follow their orders ?

Who is America? Ha???

We have the oldest civilizations, We have oil, And we have the capability to rule our selves.

We don't need America to decide our future, We don't need it anyway.

I respect the American people who is not with the war, I respect the American people who love Iraq and want the peace, I respect the American people which my parents talk to me about. ( My parents lived in America 20 years ago, and they admire American people, but not those people who came to Iraq, not them, My parents was surprised when they saw American soldier's character)

Tomorrow is a holiday it will be Eid al_ fitr,because your help I we'll stay in home all the day. And don't go any where. You know why of course
if you didn't offer your help, tomorrow can be one of the best days in my life.

But You help me ... you help every body in this word to destroy their own countries.

But believe me it's time to help your self.


Anonymous said...

Why not blame the terrorists who are running around today destroying your city? Here's a hint: It's not the U.S. troops doing that.

Pat in NC said...

Dear HNK, It is good to vent your feelings on your blog.
I am so sorry the terrorists moved into Mosul and hope they will soon be subdued. If you can, be thankful that some of the suffering Iraqis in Fallujah have been found
in the torture chambers, released and are getting medical attention. Please do not give up on life. I have not lived within a war zone, I hear the sounds of combat on the news and cannot imagine how frightening it must be to be living in the midst of this. Vent your anger and frustration and then stay close to your family. You are in my prayers. I pray that this will soon pass and you will be able to resume your life in peace. Stay safe and know I will continue to have you in my thoughts.

Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

I'm just glad you and your sister are okay. Is maas okay? I haven't heard from her since Tuesday.

I am really sorry to hear about all of what has been going on in Mosul - I've been following the news closely from here since the trouble started there on Wednesday. I would probably be angry too if I were in your position.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.


Maddog said...


Perhaps I have not seen the news you describe from Mosul. I was under the impression that thugs and insurgents were killing your police, setting their buildings on fire, and scaring the population. This may be what you and others in Mosul want, I don't know. Your sister said that the mosques were saying that criminals had entered Mosul and to be careful.

But... it seems you blame Americans for responding to these crimes. Many Americans don't understand this. You are under attack from criminals, Americans are trying to help you, and you blame the Americans. Personally, I don't understand your thoughts.

Do you want the Americans to leave you with these thugs? Do you want to have the Saddam era all over again? Do you want to live a life where you are not only NOT free but scared to death every day? We surely would not ever be able to hear from you again with your internet privileges taken away.

If you do then I, personally, would be happy to have our soldiers come home now, rather than protect someone who does not appreciate what our nation has done for your country.

In short, your logic defies imagination. Thugs, insurgents, and terrorists invade your city, attack, kill, and destroy your police stations, and scare everyone in town. Your Mosques tell you to be careful of these invaders. American soldiers respond, and you, in turn, blame America.

hnk, please re-think your logic. Can't you see that these thugs are not your friends?

Anonymous said...

I realize that your situation is bad, HNK. I cannot know the fear you are experiencing right now. But I ask you, if you see someone being attacked, should you intervene? If you see someone being killed, should you intervene? If you see someone being raped, should you intervene? If you see someone being robbed of their humanity, should you intervene? All those things were happening under Saddam's regime. All those things were being done in Fallujah and Najaf(when al-Sadr was in control). We are not perfect and we do and will make mistakes. But I am sorry HNK, we could not sit by anymore and watch. The people who are fighting now would roll back the clock and put the same kind of regime back in power.

I pray that things turn out all right for you and your family.

Lynnette in Minnesota

Strawberry Fields said...

Dear HNK,
I am not going to lecture or preach to you. All I can say is I am sorry for what you and other innocent Iraqis are going through. I am an army wife whose husband is in Iraq for the second time in less than two years. But I don't pretend to know what it's like to walk in your shoes. I just wish for peace.

Purple Guy in a Red State said...

Dear HNK,
It seems so easy to understand the anger you must feel. I have tried to switch roles with you and picture my own neighborhood with Arab tanks and Arab soldiers kicking in my door, questioning my 18 year old son and possibly detaining him, forcefully putting my family on the street while they search my house. After they leave I am not going to think about the Tyrant they got rid of. I am going to be filled with hatred at the current situation.

It seems so odd to me that other Americans think you should be happy that we are there to save you.

With that being said. The best way to get your country back and America out is to vote in an elected government and put pressure on that government to ask us to leave. Bush has said that we will leave as soon as ask by an elected government of Iraq.

The uprising in your streets is a direct challenge to that election it must be put down or the destruction will go on even longer. I hope that a fair and brave police dept can be found to help Mosul. One that can help with law and order.
I am afraid that it may be policed by two different police dept. One for kurds and one for Arab this will surely result in conflict.

Cultfree said...

Blame the criminals who percieve freedom and democracy as unIslamic. Post-war Germany and Japan in the 40's didnt have the ridiculous religious overtones that pervade Iraq today. Believe me, they got blown up a thousand times worse than you have, then rebuilt under the common goal of becoming a productive nation for ALL its citizens and the world. NOT just those who subscribe to a certain brand of religion.
Its obvious that the Iraqi's who were directly or indirectly in Saddam's back pocket hate this war, and those who werent, love it.
Question government, question religion, and the ultimate worst case scenario: question a religious government... AAAAHHHHHHH NIGHTMARE CITY!!!!!!!!
The CRIMINALS (and yes, even if they say Allah Akbar, they are still criminals) blowing up your town want a Taliban-like state, or to reinstate the dictatorship. If thats what YOU want... then sorry, cant help ya.

Maddog said...

Purple guy in a red state said:

"It seems so odd to me that other Americans think you should be happy that we are there to save you."

Hey, purple guy, Americans DO think hnk should be glad to have Americans there to save her. What is so odd about that? Do you think that we should just leave and let hnk and her sister to fend for themselves. The ING is not ready to defend them yet. America is her family's only hope. America is there to help, as best as we can, to secure her, and her family's, hopes for a good future. Deal with it.

I, for one, am happy that we ARE there to help hnk and Najma live a good life. They are our friends, we care about them, and wish them well.

BTW - purple is NOT my favorite color.

hnk - keep posting. Whatever you need... we are there for you.

Storyteller said...


I'm sorry this is happening to you and your family. I'm not going to preach to you either. I think it's too easy for other people NOT there to say think this or think that. It's not us ducking the bullets and putting up with the bombs, it's you. If this was happening to me, I would be very angry too.

I'm glad your family is still okay and I'm praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

But why is she only angry with the Americans? The insurgents are not just fighting Americans. THEY are killing children and kidnapping and beheading. What does that have to do with battleing troops? Who brought the fighting to Mosul?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry HNK for what America has done to your country. America should never have invaded Iraq. There was never any reason, never any justification. You are right, America is sick and it needs to help itself. Please do not give up. Hold tight to those who you love and keep hoping for a better tomorrow.


H.N.K said...

I blame the terrorists too,I don't like american soldiers, I don't like sadam, I don't like anyone hurt Iraqi people.
the only thing that I belive in is God, he is the only one can help us.
sorry, maybe I don't thing like you do. but the situation that is happend around me push me to write that.

Purple Guy in a Red State said...

Dear hnk,
Stay safe now and put hope in the future. Over time this fighting will stop. Election will happen and a brighter future is possible. Maybe you could run for city council, school board or mayor and make real progress for your people. Put hope in the future. The soldier will not be their forever. In many years to come the terrorist will stop holding bombs and rifles because they are to busy campaigning for there favorite candidate in the next election . Some of the terrorist are criminals to be dealt with, but most are people that are unhappy with the current government and wish to have themselves in power. If they can be given a safe effective way to change government there will not be a reason to rebel.
They need political leaders to follow without them who will they follow?

Anonymous said...


i remember what it is like to be a 15/16 year old girl. those years are hard enough, and yet you have to live those years through a war. please believe me when i say this won't last forever. once your country can defend herself against the thugs who are hurting it, we will leave. i'm sorry you have to live through this. i hope you can find it in your heart and mind to understand the US is only there to help you and your country.

Please keep posting. Don't be afraid to speak what is on your mind, after all, it is YOUR blog. I know you are frustrated and understandably so, but please remember, the US is not your enemy. May God be with you and your family.

Canuck in Tennessee

maas said...

great , great , post you said what in ours hearts ,hnk
i am in the same case

Fayrouz said...

Dear Hnk,

It's ok to vent your feelings. We love you and your sister. You two are so special for many of us.

I know it's hard not to celebrate Eid. It happened to me few times during Iraq-Iran war in Basra. Remember, you're still young and there will be many Eids to come.

Don't feel silly about yourself for writing us a post. We actually worry when you girls don't write everyday.

Take care and stay safe. Please tell your dad not to leave home when there's a shooting of any kind.

Anonymous said...

Just passing through and here's my opinion - I think we should have left Iraq be ruled by a dictator.

It seems the only way of having something resembeling an ordely society there. Right now we should just get out of there and let there be civil war.

Why should we spend billions and billions building up their bridges, roads, schools, etc. trying to get them have a decent, elected government?

It ain't going to work, the people there are nuts. We have problems over here that could use the money.

They need someone to rule over them with an iron fist and keep them in cages like in a zoo.

Bush was an idiot for going there, I voted for Kerry.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad about what I wrote above, it came across worse than I meant it. Please delete it if you want.

In my town, I have a friend who was wounded over there, and there is another who was killed who I don't know.

I can imagine being in your situation I might blame all the men with guns around me, whoever they are.

Despite everything, I hope you stay safe and things somehow work out - it would be a wonderfull miracle.

Anonymous said...

i wanna say someting to some commenters...

i'm very angry~ how can someone say to her like that? she's been now under war. She has been frightend by war. of course, it's not clear who is the first providing causes. but if you are in her shoes, how do you feel with those comments? someone's post here may let her put down hope more... than war do.
please, convince her or discuss with her in same situation, not in this situation...

Anonymous said...

hey HNK, im sorry sorry for you, as usual, im turning 15 in a few days, and im trying to coem close to understand the way you are feeling.

I speak to everyone who has spoken about HNK's feelings toward americans. Can you blame her? do you actually have any idea what its like have you town or city invaded by americans, or even terrorist. I know if it happened to me, the first person i would blame would be america. Its only natural. Your opinion, is your opinion, no amount of comments against your opinion, is going to change it. I admire you greatly HNK, to be 15 and putting up with the pressures of a teenager, and pressure's that war brings. I admire that you are able to write exactly how you feel, even though there are alot of people that do no agree.And I admire you for keeping strong in you faith through all this.

I just want to ask, what is going to come out of all this war? When is this war going to end. Eventually the troops are going to be withdrawn from Iraq, then what is going to happen? Is Iraq just going to be left?

I wish you all the best HNK for you, your family, and your friends, especially Mass.
I wish you peace, and how you have a nice Eid :),


Jan said...

Keep on writing and keep on smiling. Your thoughts are load and clear. The world must know them.
In Holland we had a girl whose name was Anne Frank she wrote a complete book when she had to hide in a house. Web-address:

You must be as tough as she was.
Keep on laughing and wondering,

Storyteller said...

I've come back to comment because I can't believe how many arrogant posters there are,here and on hnk's sister's blog. It's very easy to sit there safely in your homes and tell these kids to think that what the US is doing is for their own good and blame the terrorists and yadda yadda. Are their houses coming down around their heads? No. Are their relatives, inlaws, friends or teachers being killed? No.

I think we should be supportive to hnk. Sure she is angry and scared. I would be too! And I would be mad as hell at whoever it was doing the shootiing -- yes, even if it is Americans! Why are we Americans so self important that we think everyone should be grateful to us every second of the day?

I hope that hnk keeps posting. She needs this outlet.

Maddog said...

Storyteller says...

"It's very easy to sit there safely in your homes and tell these kids to think that what the US is doing is for their own good and blame the terrorists and yadda yadda."

Actually, Storyteller, the US "IS" doing good for the Iraqi people and we DO BLAME the terrorists. Sorry, no yadda, yadda.

We actually DO support hnk and her blog, if you had taken the time to see.

Grateful? Well, from where I sit, there are no other forces there to actually help hnk, unless you can think of one.

We do it to help hnk and her sister to be free and have a happy life. It is a shame that thugs, insurgents, and criminals have moved into her city. Americans will deal with them in due time.

If you have ever read ANY post from an American to hnk's or her sister's blog, you would know that "NOT ONE OF OUR POSTS" ever asked that she or her sister be grateful.

We have always been their friend.

Cultfree said...

I can sit in the safety of my own home and comment because I dont live in a society like this:

Mad Canuck said...

Hi hnk,

Most of us here have never experienced what it's like to live in your shoes. We've never been kept awake at night by the sound of bombs, gunshots, and explosions, never had to stay home from school because it's too dangerous to go, and never been prevented from visiting our relatives for fear of being shot on the way there.

By the same token, I think that none of us here have the right to lecture you about how you should or should not be feeling. You have a right to be angry, you have a right to be sad, and you have a right to publish your views about how you feel. In fact, it's healthy for you to talk honestly about how you feel and get it off your chest. I just hope things calm down in Mosul soon so you don't have to be miserable anymore.

Sorry to hear about how you spent the first day of Eid stuck in your house.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Purple Guy in a Red State said...

I hesitated on if I should send you this article from a Kurdish news source because of the frightening picture it paints in your city. But if I were in your situation I would want all the information I could get. The western media seem to not be reporting on Mosul.

Here is the source

15 November 2004

By Charles Glass in Erbil, northern Iraq
The Independent

American Marines from Falluja and Iraqi National Guard (ING) battalions from Kurdish autonomous region have deployed to Mosul to reinforce American and ING units based in the city, Kurdish and American military officials said. They said the local security forces had lost control of much of Mosul, Iraq's third largest city with an estimated population of 1.8 million Arabs, Kurds, Turcomen and Assyrian Christians.

US troops and Iraqi security forces were fighting to retake a police station overrun by insurgents in the northern city of Mosul, a US military spokeswoman said on Sunday. Two US soldiers were also wounded in sporadic fighting in the nearby town of Tal Afar, where insurgents had attacked a police academy with small arms, she said. Last week, insurgents stormed and looted at least nine police stations in Mosul, Iraq's third largest city, stealing weapons, flak jackets and police vehicles.

US Brigadier General Carter Ham, in charge of security in the north, said on Saturday that all the city's 33 police stations had been secured and the city of two million was returning to calm, although he expected further attacks.

Mosul tipped into chaos on Wednesday and Thursday when groups of up to 50 militants took over some neighbourhoods, paraded through the city centre brandishing their weapons and chased away local police.

"Mosul was about to be lost," Brigadier Anwar Dolan, commander of the ING brigade in Suleimania in the Kurdish-controlled north, said. "So, the Iraqi Defence Minister asked for forces from Suleimania, Dihouk and Erbil." Reports from inside Mosul indicated that insurgents, joined by local policemen, were patrolling the streets to demonstrate their power in neighbourhoods of the city's Arab majority. Meanwhile, outside the city, the American-ING forces were mobilising for what some military officials promise would be another Falluja-type assault.

"We will be moving in the next day or so in Mosul to restore the rule of law," announced Iraqi interim prime minister Iyad Allawi. An Iraqi journalist in Mosul reported that ING troops have retaken two of the six police stations controlled by the insurgents. Insurgents and American-ING battalions were each demonstrating their control of different parts of Mosul in advance of what most observers believe will be a major battle for the city.

Brigadier Dolan, a veteran Kurdish fighter, blamed Iraqi government forces based in Mosul for yielding to the insurgents. "I am sure the [Mosul ING] brigade is not professional. Suleimania and Erbil [Kurdish ING battle groups sent to Mosul] are veteran Peshmergas." Peshmergas are Kurdish fighters, some of whom were recently absorbed into the ING. Technically under the Iraqi defence ministry in Baghdad, they are based in Peshmerga encampments and answer to Kurdistan's two political leaders - Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani. Iraq's deputy prime minister, the Kurdish politician Barham Saleh, said he feared that deploying Kurd-only units against Arab forces in Mosul could lead to an all-out Arab-Kurdish war in Iraq.

Most of Mosul's 400,000 Kurds - nearly a quarter of the population - live on the east bank of the River Tigris. Insurgents attempted, and failed, to gain a foothold on the Kurdish side of the river on Thursday. So far, the Kurds have kept them out of their areas. However, some Kurds have left Mosul - fearing further attacks by the mainly Arab insurgents. The insurgents seized large numbers of police weapons on Thursday and Friday, and the US forces responded with aerial bombardment.

"I personally gave clear instructions to my soldiers to be careful," Brigadier Dolan said, "not to send the message that this is a fight between Kurds and Arabs. There is a danger that the terrorists are trying to create a war between us and the Arabs."

With more than 30,000 men under arms, the Kurdish autonomous region has the strongest indigenous force in Iraq. However, deploying them in Arab areas could increase Arab suspicions of the Kurds and lead to attacks on the estimated two million Kurds living in non-Kurdish cities like Baghdad and Mosul. Kurds have already suffered at the hands of insurgents this year, with many murdered in Baghdad and elsewhere.

The US military said that thirty of its soldiers had died in Fallujah since the battle began there on 8 November, while another twenty were killed elsewhere in Iraq during the same period - bringing the total to fifty American dead in one week. Because Mosul is a much larger city than Falluja and its Arab populace is showing sympathy for the insurgents, the fighting there could be more bloody than in Fallujah. Mosul has a history of ethnic conflict dating back to 1925, when Britain included Mosul province in the new state of Iraq in 1925 - over Turkish and Kurdish objections. About 24,000 officers in Saddam Hussein's army came from Mosul.

The surge in violence coincided with the US military's full-scale offensive against an estimated 2,000-3,000 insurgents - foreign fighters, Sunni Muslim nationalists and loyalists to the former regime - holed up in Falluja, west of Baghdad.

Military officials say many of the militants there fled before the attack, and that there has been an increase in violence across towns and cities throughout the Sunni Muslim belt of the country since.

Bowman said Mosul remained "relatively calm" on Sunday despite the attack on the police station, and said its governor remained confident the city was under his control.

Following the attacks last week, the Iraqi government fired Mosul's police chief and sent national guard reinforcements to boost the security force presence on the streets.

A battalion sent to help out in Falluja, was deployed back to Mosul last week to help reestablish control in the city.

"We hated the Baath, not the Arabs," said Brigadier Dolan. "If we deploy, it is to fight terrorists - not Arabs." Whether the Arabs see their old Kurdish enemies in those terms is one question the battle for Mosul will answer.

, 15:01 2004 Nov 15

jimmy said...

HNK said “And we have the capability to rule our selves.”

Sadam was in power long before you were born. Ask your father to look around and count how many people are left that would fit into that statement, and remember it takes more that one or two people to rule a country the size and complexity of Iraq. The many different factions that are willing to kill each other and any innocents that happen to get into the way will make it very difficult for self rule. A steel fisted (read ruthless) leader as Sadam was by far the easiest way to be ruled. You as a young woman should be glad he and his sons are gone…. If one of Sadam’s sons had seen you on your way to school and decided he wanted you, you would have been kidnapped, raped repeatedly, beaten, molested in other ways and then killed. If your family had ever found out what happened to you they would have been killed too, to keep it covered up. Ask your father about that also. Ask your father or grand father what it was like before Sadam came along. If your grandfather is still alive and you ask him about pre-Sadam times, watch him closely as he answers, I bet there will be a tear in his eye as he remembers how it was and now has a chance to be that way again. Please don’t condemn America and Americans until enough time has passed to get a government established and have a free Iraq that is truly self ruled again. I can’t hardly imagine what you have lived thru, but I do truly hope you wil be happy again and not afraid to live and be free…. May the god you believe in me merciful to you.

Jan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jan said...

Jimmy, with invading Iraq the United States made an enormous mistake which allows no excuse.
Firstly the "free world", The USA as first sanctioned Iraq with the UN-embargo for years and with the embargo this world punished the Iraqi people and the Iraqi children by the lack of food. Yes it was Saddams fault, but America must have known better.
Pointing out history of the pre Saddam times is trying to find an excuse for the horror of an average man, woman and child.

Yes Hnk, it might be better when American/Britisch attacks on the terrorists have ended. But for the time being stay in your house like Anne Frank did for 2 years.

Hnk, your thoughts are well written and your english is excellent.
we hear from u soon.

Anonymous said...

I do not know how to respond to your post, but I'll try my best. Sometimes religion can be used as a tool of greed and control. I would like for you to read about the Salem witch burnings. In Salem Mass. during the 1600's many innocent people were tortured to death in the name of religion. The problem was that the settlement was founded on theology doctrine. The religion is what governed everyone. This is why it is very important to separate church and state. There are many religious fanatics in your country who do not want this. Their ideals are for everyone to share their views on religion, and anyone who believes anything else is a threat. They will be your friend if you share thier views, but if not, they will oppose you. Nobody has identical views. Ten people can read a story, and all ten of them will understand it in a different way.

TAG said...

anonymous is a lying jerk troll !!! He says he voted for Kerry, and in a later post says he's "almost" 15. Gotta be 18 to vote asshole.

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