Sunday, November 27, 2005

I survived till this moment

Yes, I am a live.
I am writing,In case you thought you will not have to read my blog anymore, not hear about my un normal life and not be aware of the bad, terrible and un acceptable situation. I am back

well, Our life is like a ball And you are the player that led the ball into the way you chose.
last 30 days I was feeling pessimistic,bad, angry and afraid. there are somethings around me that might make me a braver day after day. explosions and bombing cars that I used to and not be afraid of them anymore.
But there are another things I am afraid of, somethings you don't know.

Today I am better than any day before I am laughing and smiling for the sillier things. I get my mark in french examination and I get 42-60 *bad mark* but when I saw my mark I began to laugh. he he
In usuall life If I get 90 I cry. But I think there's something in the air today.
there are always something in the air like hydrogen, nitrogen but In Iraq there are also sadnogen and crynogen and many many gases.
Ok I know I am silly today, I always said words bigger than me. but I am really feeling bad this month, I just want to shout at loud as I can, I want to smash the ball I am in And I want to stop writing this post.
I said that I will write a post before I lost my mind.
I did it..
without calling the tear into my face...
And I spent half an hour writing this podst but the electrisity go to it's home and I waited for a while till the generator turn on so I continued writing the post.
what a huge post I wrote.

Il faut prendre une risque