Tuesday, May 31, 2005

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO " don't worry I am happy NOW

Hi all,

This week was happy, your prayers were useful to me. Well I want to tell you something but please don't laugh, I ate cherry for the first time in my life, Well there was no cherry in Iraq, and now it look like they begin to import It from out side.This is one of the positive things that happened after the war. Now we can choose from Iraqi oranges, Syrian oranges, Turkish oranges, and Egyptian oranges. And of course you will not choose Iraqi oranges because they are too small in comparison with others.

Now we are in summer, and summer's fruit began to appear. I like eating fruit especially watermelon after lunch *yummy*

Yesterday at 12:00 PM, I took my book and go to sleep I read till 1:00 AM, then I tried to sleep but I couldn't, the electricity turned off, I thought it was the reason of not sleeping, then the generators turn on so I said "oh finally I Will sleep". After along time I discovered that the electricity was not the reason, I look at the clock and it was 3:15 AM. WOW, I should be dreaming now!!. Then I remembered that I drank some Nescafe (instant coffe) and it was certainly the reason.

Guess what happened, our telephone fixed this afternoon, I called Mary "my friend" and talk with her. I asked her to visit me someday but she said that she told her father that she wants to visit me and he refused because of the bad things (explosion) that happened in our neighborhood *shock*. He doesn't think our house is a safe place for his daughter to visit. This feels weird to me, because this is the same neighborhood that I've lived in since I was born.

I am laughing right now, NOW somebody call, I hold the phone, I said Alo
_ Alo, who are you?
- Who are you?
- Well, I don't know what to say to you. Do you have any brother?
- NO, what do you want?
- well, I don't know what to say, my daughters said that one body call them and have this number I call and you hold the phone and It seem that you don't call us and you are not a boy.

It was strange. I understood him. some boys call girls just to annoy them.
isn't that the most stupid manners?
Well we are waiting Aya to come, It seem that she will not come it's 4:00 pm.
I notice that my mother bought my birthday's gift today, she was too worried when I entered her room and she was trying to push me out. Well she won. I love surprise I don't want to know what it is. so I will wait .......

your lovely friend,
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Monday, May 30, 2005

Hi and welcome,

I had a head ache now, I was playing with Daliah in the messenger word racer. I won and won and won then she began to win and I began to be a loser and I told her she should lose the game because I am bigger than her but she didn't listen to me and continue winning so I stop the game and go. She said she had to go because she didn't wash the dishes yet. Then I starting telling her how much work I did today I wash the dishes and clean the ground and make salad and prepare the food and fruit ......els
I work hard today by myself mam didn't ask me to clean the house but there was no electricity and I don't have anything else to do.

I began reading a Book, it's name "My life" By Ahmad Amin Who rose to leading role in Egypt's cultural life, is well know by his works tracing the story of Islam, from what he called is Dawn to height noon
that what the middle East journal Vol.9,no.1,London 1955 wrote about him
and the book "hayati" "my life"is the distringuished Cairo scholar and educator, is impressive in it's simplicity and sincerity.

I began read this book from two days and it look like I will finish it today. I found something useful spending my time on it.
Aya was here tomorrow tried to let her sleep and she was like a princes not wanted that, and I was like an evil servant who want her to sleep if she wanted that or not.she sleep and continue sleeping most of the times then me and Najma decided to wake her, we wanted to see her. After that she wake and she was so quite and good manners too.Oh oh Aya I didn't live baby as much as I loved her.

I need to nap now, I know I don't talk a lot but I will continue this post later

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Days come.. Days go

After say hello and hi, and asking about your health and news. I will start write my post.

Yesterday we went out of home for the first time in this week.
We visit my uncle who we didn't see him from about month .After that we went to bought the dinner, we went to three shops all of them were closed. At the end we bought (لحم بعجين) it's something like pizza but it's not pizza and we get back home at 8 o'clock in the evening CAN YOU BELIEVE That this is the first time we did that, there were a little number of cars which were in the street.

Talking about electricity, last post I didn't told you that in sadam's time we didn't have electricity too. Baghdad only was having electricity 24/24 hours but that's change after the war. All the cities became equal and all the cities have No electricity most of the day.

When I was a little girl I asked my mother is there any country has electricity all the day? I couldn't imagine that! How could they have electricity all the time while we have it only 4-7 hours? And many days we didn't have electricity at all. Sometimes when I remember that and remember the thought which came to my mind when I was a kid I feel sorry about my self.

Today I saw in the TV one program called (yallah shabab) they were in us in one of the university in California, they asked the people there about the Iraqi war and what they think about Islam and did they want to learn Arabic? One of the girls there answered really nice, she said "I don't like sending our sons to Iraq to fight your sons and daughters ". The point is this war is between our governments and not between the peoples so we shouldn't hate every gather. At ends we are all from Adam.
So I want to say: I don't hate you us people.

David (my friend) posts nice pictures he took them when he went to the Zoo. I write him a letter told him I didn't go to the Zoo before. Then he replies he didn't go to the zoo till age of 25 and said you have 10 years to visit it. BUT you don't see my friend!! Iraq didn't have a zoo. It have some small place, people put a small cartoon at it and write the zoo. people who visit it said this zoo have only a dogs, cats,hourse,donky, bears, Camels and other animals which we saw them in our ways going to the school and to the work. (What an arrange country that I live in!!!!!)

Yesterday we bought a milk powder, it costs 1350 dinar, while before it was only 350 dinar, may be the salaries increment after the war but beside that the stuffs became cost more that it was. I know 1350 dinar is cheap but 350 are cheaper.

Before the war If anyone wanted ice cream and it was 12 o'clock at the night, The only thing we did is to go and ride the car and bought ice cream. Every Friday We went out of home and having our dinner outside and every Thursday we meet all my aunt and uncle and We were called this day "the meeting day" The weddings party was starting at night while now there is two option: not do the wedding party or do it between 4 and 7 at least.
Some times I just want to be a kid again and live that days before the war became, but it's just a dream. But I hope I will live and spent times nicer and beautiful than these days.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Days of my holiday

Salaam all,

I am ok. And I am getting better because of the nice people who stand with me.
this is the the first time, I open my E-mail and found there are 7 new messages. Most of the day before, when I opened the inbox I didn't get any new messages so zero new messages was the only word I could read.

you know I am in the holiday now, other student who didn't get E3faa finish their examination today. I am spending the holiday on the internet. One day for me (my turn) and one day for Najma. On najma's turn in the computer Aya usually comes to our house,so I didn't feel on time pass. Most of days when Aya came I wake at 8 o'clock in the morning and tried to make her sleep and she is always did that before 9 o'clock. And she will wake up after 1 or 2 hours. At that time I go to the kitchen and boiled egg for her as her break fast, after that the fun times will begin. I try to make her have fun as possible We play some game which called here بح دي ( I should hide behind something and after a seconds I appear) maybe you think it silly but to Aya it's not. And it's really a popular game for children in Mosul. She also like to sit in her swing till she began to feel fatigue.

I also spend the time on television I watch : Gilmore Girls, Popular, friends, According to Jim,crubs, Frasier, 8 Simple Rules I like all of them.
I also spend time learning English as I said before. I had a programs which called Al-kafy and I began working at it and we will see.

Our telephone is not work from 4 week or more than that( so if you called me and no body answered, this is the reason) "kidding".the telephone, Half year it's work and the other it's not. And the electricity worse. We had a neighbor generators, and neighborhood generators, and the Electricity and sometimes we found our selves in the dark and heat. I am not talking about the time between 12 the morning and 12 at the night I am talking about the between them. Because the time between 12 at morning and 12 at night is 90% have no electricity.

God know what will happened in the next month, we are in May and feeling hot like this so what will happened in June and July. Note July have the most hot weather in Iraq.
that's all what I have today.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today we had a visitor. My sister's friend came to our house to congratulation my sister for her new baby " Aya" .....What irony? Aya is now 9 MONTH old.
And they couldn't come till today because they were waiting the situation to get better and then they come, but they discovered that the situation is getting worse over the time. So the did their visit before her birthday.
I don't know why I want to say this but I will, MY English is somehow Bad and some people understand my post in a wrong way, remember when I remarked about American freedom in Iraq and said" freedom means do what you want, even it's wrong and should not do. You are free, kill what you want. Steal anybody you want and anything you like" some understood that this is what I believed and wanted, while I was reject it. I admit that I don't have a good way to explain my view of life and my bad English help the people who want to make me weaker and more sadness than I am . For example I don't know should I use my OLD sister or my BIG sister or my Large sister" It is the same to me :( "
well,I can say I am only 15 years old ( and that will change after only one week, I will be 16 so this argument will not use anymore ) ..... I look tired today, I am thinking to say something and say something else (another word).
I decided to make a change to my blog. I see the number of the visitor is going to less over time. Before they were 200+ . And now it's under 100. And today I noticed they are only 19 till now.
I am excuse them. All the time I am complain and write some stupid post. So ok.
so I will go now

Sunday, May 22, 2005

I am what I am Mr. Anonymous

You hurt me and you hurt me a lot Mr Anonymous, therefore I delete your comment. You shouldn't write something like this to me. You don't know what I am. WHO I AM?.

Brilliant, what is this stupid question " from which planet are you from?"
is there any options in front of me to live in somewhere except the Earth, I created to live in Iraq and that is also was not my choice.I don't like living on It. I do love Iraq. But I can't stand more .

another anonymous said " you certainly don't deserve the life"
I want to ask you something: am I really a life ? , I can see that BUT I can't felt it.

last night I cried all the night like I have ever did. I am really tired from living.... BUT

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The nightmare

Hi all,
Well, I am feeling terrible today. If anyone from you read my sister's blog, he might know why I said that.
Me, Najma, and Aya were alone in the house. Me and Aya were a sleep when Najma came and told me to wake up and said that my cousin who work in the shop near from our house call and said there is a mine in front of our house, so we should go to the safe room in the house and opened all the window. We did what he said, at that time there was nothing strange, just the sound of helicopters.
After some minutes the nightmare is began, we didn't know what is happening, we heard sound of Bomb, explosion, shelling . I ran and carry aye and sit in the bed far from the window. Me and Najma began to sing to Aya to not make her scare and then we stopped and hug every gather while a big bomb continue and the windows smash. Every body bagan to call us and ask about what happened. I don't remember what is happened exactly. It look like nightmare while it's not and It seem that It need 2 month not 2 hours .
After some times the road open and my mother reach the house and then my father.
and as Najma said"All the neighbors agreed, never in the war have we been in such a horrible day!"

What happened make me feel sure that American army is occupation forces not anything else.
stay In peace.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Attention .... Attention ..... Attention
I changed my E_mail to

OK? so there is no hnk_1989@yahoo.com anymore
If you write an emil to the old one, No body will read it

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Buzz !!

Salam all,
I am really tired now. I wake up at 11 and since then I began helping my parents, they did most of the summer work( They put out the carpets and did things like this).
couldn't sleep well last night because there were sound of helicopters all the night "as usually, but I don't know why she couldn't sleep today and could sleep that days before".

yesterday, I and Najma were waiting Aya to come to our home but she didn't, she stayed with her father while her mother was working at the hospital. Well, my sister said that yesterday there were policemen killed near from the hospital that she work on it,and she saw a lot of patient who attacked and killed by bullets and by bombs.Therefor people I don't want to be a doctor, I am not sure I can see someone hurting, or anything like this. The day I see like this image in the TV I can't sleep well, so how could I see that in front of my eyes?

Well I found nice song for kids at BBC site, If you can help and send me more site to find more music for Tiny aya. I well be very happy.

yesterday we found two newspapers In front of our house and our neighbors houses. It seem that American soldiers put them there " IT IS FREE" and that's mean we will not have to pay 250 dinar to buy a newspaper :) "heh heh".
I don't have anything to say. So I will shut up my mouth instead of talking about silly things.
I just write because I noticed that numbers of the people who visit my blog is going to the less when I don't write. So I will try to refresh your mind every two days :)

pc: It seem that I like my self * :D* coz I used (I) more than twenty times.

OK, I will shut up
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Monday, May 09, 2005

I am an Iraqi girl

Yeahooooooooooooo, now I can say I am an Iraqi girl. I get my Iraqi citizenship before 3 days.
I also went with my father to the shop and bought my present, He bought me a CD, DVD, and cassette player (portable CD MP3 VCD mini component).
Najma helped me to find some songs from the Internet and copied them to a CD, and I looked at the cassette that we have them in home. I found many om-kalthoom's songs, Fayrouze's songs,Abdel7aleem's songs and other singer that every body know them.

I am busy these days with Aya and home work. Najma began her studies :( So she can't spend time with us like before. Yesterday I was alone in the house and I heard a sound of bullets I ran quickly to the window to see if the road closed or not and I found it open. After some minutes Najma's came, she looked bale and she told me that she was too close from the bullets and she saw a man hold a gun pointed it into the policemen, and Najma's friend began to cry when the bullets broke up near from them.
Well, every family in Iraq spend times like this every day. This is what should we pay to America because it gives us the freedom that we need (Note: freedom means do what you want, even it's wrong and should not do. You are free, kill what you want. Steal anybody you want and anything you like) the only think that I studied it in history and discovered that it's right, that he freedom should be something useful. Serve the one AND the community.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Salam all,

One week without writing a post made a good numbers of news. What can we do? Iraqi life is really active.
As you know I finished my school last week so that I could go with my mother and my sister (Najma) to visit my grand parents in
The road that leading to
Baghdad was not really good. To be more clearly, there were two booby-trap, one of them was not break out yet, so we changed our way. And the other one was smashed.
Anyway we reach
Baghdad. What happened before (in the last visit to Baghdad) happened this time too. I waited to visit Baghdad all the time BUT when I reach it I wanted to get out of it.
We visit
Baghdad every 6 month or more than that. So between the last two visits there were a big changes. It became worse over time. I was seeing Baghdad like a paradise. And that was in sadam's times.

This visit to
Baghdad was the first one after my uncle Ahmad leaved it. You know how much parents missed their sun?. So imagine How mush my grand father and my grand mother were sad!
Our visit helps them to return the smile into their faces. My cousin moved into my grand parent's house and lived with them. So there was a persone who could play with us.
My cousin learned Me, Najma, and Raghda How to play badminton. We were all bad on it and my mother and my grand's parents didn't stop laughing at us but we became better than before. I also played chess and won when I played with raghda and her brother but I didn't won neither once when I played with my cousin. :(

Some day when I was sitting with Najma , raghda and her brother and my cousin I asked my grad father which group do you prefer Me, Najma and raghda. Or the boy's group? He said I prefer your group. My cousin said (add uncle ahmad to our group)
then Najma said add your little grandchild (uncle ahmad's daughter) and add his wife too. My grand father didn't tell us which group that he prefer after these great change, that because uncle Ahmad's family didn't belong to any group now because they are the family who all the family miss them of course so if we belonged them to any group that mean we are cheating because we will be the winner. And when we asked me grand mother, she said I love you All. You don't know my grand mother, she have a big hard that have a space for all the words.

After 5 days in
Baghdad we came back to Mosul and saw Aya finally. Aya have one tooth now and we are proud of her to have it. Yesterday I and Najma take care of her for a while tell her mother came from her work.
Yesterday at night I asked my mother to choose what she wants to eat in the lunch today and she asked me to cook what I find it easy to me. I DON"T FIND ANYTHING
I don't know why I am telling you this. Do you know incinerated the kind of sweet that I make it yesterday I am not a bad woman all the time. I can clean the kitchen and made it SO clean (that was my mother told me).

Tomorrow I will go with my father to buy my success gift (Yahoo)

See you soon