Saturday, June 25, 2005

It's Iraqis life, it's my life

Salaam all,
How are you people?

I didn't write from a while, so here is my news:
These days I was busy with Aya and house work (cleaning, washing and cooking) I help my mother preparing the lunch today, we made Kabab.
I cooked yesterday too, I cooked an Iraqi food called "Dolmah" I put its picture before and here is it again.

One of the reasons that prevented me from writing, was Aya, she come to our house in the day which is my turn in the computer, so I don't have enough time to write a post, but here I am today writing this post after my Mom take Aya to sleep and dad took Najma to her course of Arabic.
One of the people who work with my father in the same building, called before an hour and asked my father not to come to the clinic, he said there is a confrontation in the region around the clinic.
So my father will take my turn as I think, " well, I am sure" But no problem he is my great dad.

The day before yesterday I was too sad so I decided to go to my room and try to draw something. I did that, I draw a wonderful image as I think because Najma, NAJMA who never admit till today that the pictures I draw is nice, she did that now, she told me that it is beautiful *whew!*

Hot news: Now my sister come from the hospital and said, today there were a lot of patient with bullets injuries while they were inside their houses, yes inside their house.
Well I told you tha,t last week was full of danger. And I don't like to talk about that, so you can read about that in my father's blog Bad days
And for more information check Najma's blog.

I don't like to talk a bout that. When I write a bout the bad things that happened to Iraqi people, when I write about the bad situation I end my post and I am in a bad state more than I was.

Well, we have big problem in Mosul this week. The fuel is not available and it cost 25 times more than before from the black market. We don't bye it from the fuel station because it's too crowded and there is no hope to reach your turn before 10 hours, and after that 50% they will not get you fuel. That if you could wait till after 10 hours.
This is Mosul problem these days.

Baghdad have another problem, the people there don't have water,
Not even polluted water. And we are in summer and this is Baghdad. So asked Allah to help them.


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Hi all,

Be optimistic, you are normal. I told you before about the stupid thing that I did which make me think that my mind is stop working. Here's another example, yesterday when I was preparing the table I putted two fork to each dish.
well, after last post I receive many E-mail who their sender told me the same example "I go to the room for something and when I reach the room I don't know why I am here"
All OF YOU SAME EXAMPLE......Come one, your minds are working.

I don't write from along times, and many things happened that don't help me to be happy not at all. I am not in a good mind to write about it. Well all what can I said that
Today is better than tomorrow

we were so near from being died this week. Especially my parents.
The people around me killed and kidnapped.
OH, Allah help us

Friday, June 17, 2005

What happened to my mind?

What happened to my mind? That was the first question
that came to my mind. And my mind is still asking
- what's happened to me?

Well, yesterday I spent 5 minutes looking at the teeth
brushes and wondering which one is mine. After that, I
took my mother's brush and started to brush my teeth with
it. At that time, I felt that it is not mine.

My mind asks itself this day the same question, what
happened to me? And when Najma my sister went to wash
the dishes that I put in the table, she saw the pizza
in the dish and under the water, so she came to me and
she seemed SO angry and asked me why I put the pizza
Did I do that? Am I the one who put the pizza under
the water? STRANGE

After that I asked myself, Am I really sixteen? Well,
I looked at the mirror and saw a face have pimples on
it. So yes, I am really sixteen.

Stop talking about my mind. My mind's work to think
and I am writing what I think so my mind always has
the priority of what I write.

Yesterday I went with a friend to see my other friend
mary. I had a good time there. From the minute I walked
through the door until I went out she wouldn't stop
forcing me to eat. In the beginning, she gave me a
lecture about how much I seem thin and how much that
does not help my health. After that she serve me ice
cream and after half an hour, a cake and cola and then
banana, apple and watermelon and then candy and
cookies. Oh, I ate so much!

After I came back home, I ate my lunch. I did not stop
eating last night. Well, I did not stop eating for the
last few days maybe because I do not feel comfortable.

We heard today that American soldiers imprisoned six
Iraqis women. And I heard from my sister who work in the
hospital that American soldiers took a 3 years old kid
to the hospital after they shot him. Not good news to
hear. If I will not talk about the bad things that are
happening in Iraq, I will not find any thing to talk
about and at that time I should probably shut up,
close the blog, and begin counting the days…


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I am a blind, I can't see the truth

One month ago I wrote about the problem that bothers me, I see nightmare every night. I really hate what was happened to me till now, when I discovered that the real life that I live is a nightmare. The truth became clear, and the features began to appear. Sleep helps me not bother me. I was running from the truth, I can't agree with what happened because I can't confess that I lived a better life and spend beautiful times in sadam's time.
IN fact: I was hate sadam SO much, and now I don't hate him (And I don't like that) I don't feel anything towards him. He doesn't mean to me anything.

What I was thinking. Get what I want? Have the happy life which I dream? See a peace world?

Believe or not believe:
Last days, I, my sisters and mom were watching TV, my sister who is a doctor turned the TV into al Iraqia channel. What was there in Iraqia TV?

Why you cut a head of doctor gave you the medicine?

In the moment we read this we began to laugh. Well, bad news which you don't expect it always let you laugh.
Did they wait the people who killed the doctor to answer?
WHY? what a stupid question,did this people who killed the doctor ( cut their heads)recognize what they do?

I still can't believe what my eyes saw.

What should I feel towards:
Toward the people who killed the doctors?
Towards the soldiers who killed my relatives and my people every day by their arms?
Towards Saddam who break my heart?

What should I feel? What should I say? What should I do?
I don't know
I am a blind in the dark


Saturday, June 11, 2005

my blog

43.75 %

My weblog owns 43.75 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

I did that before a year, and I get 12.5%
and now I get 43.75
very interesting

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Water !

Clear water, dirty water doesn't trouble it's not making a different. We drink both of them.
My uncle house's water has a small fish on it beside its color and its taste which we get use on them. But fish, It's another problem.

These weeks we heard about many people be poisoned by water. My father bought us this new Water cooler which have some layers clear the water. And here is its picture

Some day my teacher of biology told us to not drink the water because it's dirty.
But I am with some people who said we have immunity, we drink dirty water from many many years, but certainly it was not as bad as it is now.
We heard some news about killing some people and throw their bodies in the river. So maybe the water that we drink........ "You know" I can't say it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

yes, I am blaming again

Bad electricity service that we have here in Iraq couldn't give us more than 4 hours in the day. In lucky days, we have 7 hours of electricity at the most level.

That pushed my dad to buy us a light that works on battery, so we can continue our homework after the generators turn off. Every one in the family has his own torch.
This my mother's:

my father's:

my and my sister's torches:

mine is the blue, my sister's is the red.

Well, I remember my father when he bought me this one. I was so happy (really happy). It is the most useful thing that you can spend your money on.

And this one with a fan too is kept it in the living room:

But that is not enough for the country which doesn't have electricity most of the time. So we have this one:

what we used before we bought this? Good question, this is what we used before:

And this is another picture of our suffering, Najma talked about it in her blog and said
This is the electricity traffic light, it's in the entrance of our home, just before the door... The green light is for" the electricity is on". The yellow is for "the neighborhood generator is on". The blue light is for "the neighbor's generator is on"... Each family has its way to know the kind of electricity they're having...Well, we have a traffic light.

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Hi all,
today for the third time this week I went out home " not normal"
some day before when I didn't went out of home for along long days I looked out side and see the sky, I don't know what happened to me. It looks like this is the first time I see it, I just want to cry I felt strange feeling.

I have a problem here; every movement in the house, every thing happened I wrote it in my mind as a post in the blog. And that is bothering me a little.

I was surf in the internet and found some post I wrote it but not in English but in French check it
I tried to read it And I CANT UNDERSTOOD WHAT I SAID I am really bad in French that I couldn't understood what I (I) wrote. Now I understand why I got less mark in French NOW I GOT IT. Any way thanks "merci" for the people who translated my post into French.

Well what I have to say????
Today me and my father went together to take Najma from her friend's house and while we were in the road we didn't speak any thing. I said so? And dad said so? And NOBODY talk till I said: dad I was at home, so I don't have any thing to say but certainly you do? At that time dad said 10 word and then stop. And while we were in the road there were many helicopters above us. And after that there were a bout 6 tank cars in the road. So we stopped the car and waited with the other people who were there. And after some minutes "no long" they moved and so did we. We took Najma and came back home, that time Aya was going to her house so we said good bye to her. That's strange, we always saw Aya for example 5 hours and after that time when she went, we spent the time talking about her (what she did, what she said, what she ate, how she was). I asked my mother some day How we were living before Aya came to the life? and she said we were lived waiting Aya.

I am feeling greatful for you that you read my blog and as I read in one blog that I am writing in a strange way for you. well that's nice. I think if I find some one wite a blog in Arabic and he is not arabian and he couldn't write in understood way I will like to know him.
well, don't write an email telling me that my English is good because I know that :)

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hi all,
Thank you for your nice comment, I don't know what to say except thank you.
well, yesterday my uncle family and my sister family came to our house and we celebrate .
ME and my mother make a cake and other sweet and prepare sandwich for the dinner. My uncle's family gave me a watch. My sister gave me a T-shirt . And we took some pictures.

My friend came to my house in the same day of my birthday but unfortunately we were out of home. So I call her today and asked her to came any day she want. She told me that she will think of coming today. So I went and clean my room but at end she call and said I will not come today.
Aya was here today, she make me feel sick about what she she did. At end she is my niece and I should took care of her. She didn't walk yes, that's ok. I didn't walk till one year and two month old, while Najma walk in her 8 month old.
I saw that you like the picture ha???. So this is another one.
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Friday, June 03, 2005

I am sixteen

Hi all,
thank you for sweet comment and sweet E-mail about my Birthday. Surly I am happy because I have some friends like you and this is the great gift I have ever got. Well, I will celebrate tomorrow with my family and Aya :) because my mother is sick today and hope she will be fine tomorrow. I wanted to share you this picture when I was about 16 months old, Well now I am sixteen, I AM SIXTEEN " he he he"
I got my present it's a nice sport green T-shirt, I like it.
your sixteen age friend
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