Friday, September 29, 2006

Ramadan kareem

Alsalam alykum,
Ramadan kareem and Inshalah seam makbool.
First of all, I turned back to my school and began the fight with studying. well, I am scared from this year. I have to get hight marks to enter the suitable college for me. I need to do more efforts and more study and that is ***.
well, This picture shows our breakfast in the first day of ramadan.
I love Ramadan, I think the best days I lived are the days I lived in Ramadan. especially before the war. Ramadan was un believable for me. Ramadan made me feel happy more than anything I don't know why and I can't understand why.
when I don't eat anything for 14 hours I have to feel hungry and ungry too. But when I feel hungry,I smile and feel really happy.
Ramadan gave us joy certinly.
Anyway, I have to go now... see ya

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New day has come

Salaam all,
There is no argument that I had fun in Syria and this journey helped me really to re-draw a smile in my face,But it also make me feel that the 17 years I lived all go in vain.
honestly, When I raech syria's area I told Najma " It's OK, It's only seventeen years!"
Yes, we can say this: it's only seventeen years. But hey!! it's take all my life :(
there were so many questions dancing and moving in circle and making a noisy in my mind.
what I was doing in this 17 years ? yeah yeaee, how could I forget this, I was studying history which I realised that it contains so many lies and Little truths. well, I don't say I didn't do anything but the things I did are not helpful.
Anyway, I woke up from my last life and maybe I am going to somewhere.
So, I came from Syria carrying hopes and dreams of futures.
but When we became finally in home. There was a car preparing itself to suicide and it did exploded near from our house. we didn't lose any of our Windows but some neighbors did.
well, After another bombs car and after the daily Small explosion and bullets, I still carrying some hopes that I will find the hope someday.
Another day started when I heard that one of our relatives had been killed so I triedto forget this as usual and I think I succeed in this because I didn't talk about that since the son rays falls. I really had a very bad nightmare last few days but today I didn't see anything when I was asleep. Nothing is better than nightmare certainly.
There is a hot news, Our telephone repaired this morning. It was not working since the nine of January ( so long) I even forget how to use the telephone :) but after while I called my grandma and when she answered me I changed my tone voice automatically to a child voice. I hardly prevent my tears. I really really missed my grandparent and I can't wait to see them again.

My school will start tomorrow and here we go to our last year in the high school.
collage, I can't wait to see you...
keep in touch

Friday, September 08, 2006

What's up?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic I have been disconnected with my blog last few weeks because I was in Syria..After my father finally knew that there is no hope of living a normal life,and having a fuel from the fuel station,he gave us his ordertravilling to Syria.
Althought I visited Syria once before but I was to eager and excited to go out from Iraq. well, I think if they took me to the desert I would be happy to be far from the boombs and bullets. Anyway,our trip was so hard and exhausted. we need about 14 hours to reach Aleppo. We spent 4 hours in the Immigration and passaport center. As you can see in the picture, there are hundereds of people waiting to hear their name and get their passaport and turn back to their cars to continue their trip.we reach Aleppo at about 11 o'clock in the night and it was the fisrt time I see the night since I was in Syria last year. Do you know why I love Syria??
I love Syria because I can see the night, I can see the black sky which BTW I didn't like it before.
I love Syria because in Syria you can see many people walking in the street with no fears and guess What?? They are smiling too.I love Syria Because in Syria the policemen are not show their arms and if they show them,they put them down.
I love Syria because in Syria the people know what freedom mean.
I love Syria because in Syria there are green trees and happy children and moreover a real life.
I love Syria because in Syria there are a simple family,live a simple life far from violents.
I said all what I want to say, I am not sure that I am happy to return back to my home. The only things I missed when I was in Syria are my sister and her children and our bathroom :)
Hey: I went to Syria for ten days, and at that time the governement rememberd and for the first time that there are some students worked so hard and studied in the dark and did their best not to forget that they are human being at last and that human being have to improve theirselves and their skills. They rememberd the students who sat all nights under the light of candels feeling so cold and can't focus while the shooting tookplace in their neighborhood.They finally rememberd the students who went to their school hardly and left their mothers in the house worried about them and pray that they will come back home safe. Hey!they rememberd the people who will build the future and yes these people are the babies that the governement were soppose to built their life now!!Is this a coincidence or what??These babies grow up and these babies learn to write and learn how to speak English. These babies become teenagers. These teenagers having a website in the internet now and they are writing about the governement biggest work.Can you share my happiness and sat up and clap your hands.Now if you happy and you know it please join me and clapp your hand..Although I missed this because I was in Syria but I am happy that the governement remember me.
Thank you all for listingPC: I mad an interview and you can read it in: