Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Turrning up from a refugee to a resident !

It have been a tough, big and very busy year in my life * just like any other year since I am mature*. In the last post that I wrote nearly a year before, I was refugee dragging grief behind through out her life in Jordan. Hopefully and thankfully, I had granted humanitarian visa to come into Australia, about time too.

Life is different here, or in another words; THERE IS A LIFE here! tedah

Compare to the 25 years in my lovely,battling country, I was only born just after I reached Australia!

I am really busy just like a toddler, sharing the same enthusiasm to learn everything, have absolutely no idea of how some stuffs are going on, but keep trying and embarrass myself, It's just like I was living in another planet. I am seriously looked at like one of centaur: you didn't try trampoline before? you didn't taste Avocado? see traffic jam like something usual! don't know how to use the master card! didn't have a bank account before? didn't ride a car? didn't been in a pool or beach before? didn't do camping before! didn't been in a festival before!?

yes, I am a centaur come from another planet, I came from hell actually!

I am seriously feeling peace inside now, I feel like I made a big jump in my life, I boosted the quality of life for my little daughter and hopefully she will not suffer like every Iraqi child.

In the same time, I am under a big, unbelievable stress in all walks of life; finding a house to rent was a very big challenging, enrolling in TAFE to improve my English keep me busy, mean while I have to start studying soon to do an exam for accreditation of my qualification here. it is big "to do" list BUT I can do it, I can, I can, I can.