Sunday, December 02, 2007

Me and my new life

I am, In my way to the future and I am living what might possible be a happy memory some day.

I started the college before 6 days and it’s... it's

It’s a life; it’s something beyond my normal life. Something wonderful, something new, it’s what I need.

We are taking 7 subject and they are:

Physiology, cell biology, organic chemistry, English language, medical statistic, Anatomy and human rights :) all in English but the last one is not.

Physiology looks interesting and amuse especially that Dr Basaam is wonderful man, he really work hard, I hold a great respect to him from the first lesson.

Next week we'll have our first physiology lab and the Dr asked each student to bring a frog with them to the lab :) I have an idea about what we'll do in those frogs but you really don't want to know. But the problem is I didn’t find any frog in our garden, I asked my entire relative to look for one for me and I didn’t get any frog yet. In spite the fact that I love Frog, I am so eager to ….*you know*.

Dr Omar who takes us Anatomy subject look good too, look like he is a popular teacher in both pharmacy and medical colleges.

Cell biology (cytology) being given by Dr. Farah (women) she is good but she talks so fast and gives us so much homeworks.

Medical statistic was my biggest nightmare in the first two lessons, I don't like her. Anyway, I studied the lessons one more time with my mom and I think I understood it inshallah.

We are about 120 students in Pharmacy College; the boys are not more than 25. The boys are so polite and quite and they are studying all the time, when we had our rest time, the girls spread in the university and went to bought sandwiches and had fun and the boys stayed in their places like an old mans who have nothing but books to read. They make me angry, why all that studying??

The most enjoying time I spent this week in the college is in the human right’s lesson. The teacher asked us to define what human right, and this question let us hear the boys’ voices for the first time ever. One commented that not all the people deserved to be called a human and this comment made everyone laugh, he really have a special idea but I don’t know why we all boys and girls didn’t control ourselves without laughing. One other boy began talking about France revolution and He said that he read book about this revolution and he made sure that everyone know that he had read a book. Talking about this revolution as an answer for every question and giving insensible answers.

During this month,

I thought a lot of me and who is really me!! And I decided that I need more time to spend with me and so I will work hard this year for me. Me, is the one that I am really don’t know, I don’t know what color she prefer? What desert she love? Which stories she like? And who is really she…

She, maybe the girl that survive,

The one that always be a live

Maybe the victim of this war,

The one who is really looking for

Maybe the rain that falling down,

The one who never want to get down

Maybe the weakest girl in world,

But not the weakest letter in these words

For the sake of me and my dreams, for the sake of that smile which was given to non but me, for the sake of my grandpa and for the sake of my country and for the sake of my religion and my God, I will be better person this year. I will find me.

I will not give up doing something to change the whole situation around me and me…. I want to know my destination; I want to draw the whole road that leading to the end and in the end I will be life in secure.

وكأن كل ما حولي مُقدِم على التغيير, وكأن كل بذرة على وشك التزهير. وكأني نفسي أنا لقيت دربا وفيه سوف أسير. ولأول مره أعرف وجهتي, و لأول مره أعرف ميعاد رحلتي ولاول مره أترك أنا غرفتي و قلمي يستبق فكرتي وفكرتي تستبق رواية قصتي وقصتي تستبق الحدث وكأنني عرفت الآن هويتي ,عرفت الآن غايتي ..بات كل شيءٍ الآن واضح.

أن شاء الله واضح