Thursday, July 22, 2010

♥♥ engaged !!! ♥♥

I didn’t know if he was my dream or I was his... but now I have faith that, we are each others destiney.
I surprised myself this month in doing this big decision in my life especially after a year that was from the hardest years I've lived ..
I, the one who have a hesitated personality, the one who spends hours thinking when I want to choose things as simple as shoes!!l! I found myself able to give an answer to his question with no hesitation but maybe with just small fears.
After each time I talk to him, I become more confident to walk in this road till the end. He is my power supplier and the one who is pushing me forward.There is a sense inside me that keeps telling me that I found him, but well, in fact, he found me first

The power of true love can make miracles, and the true love is an apportunity I was given...
So, I said yes:
I am ready to spend my lifetime with you
I said yes,
For you to be my hero
I said yes,
I will wear this ring forever
And I said yes,
Here is my heart, you can take it and SAFELY keep it ♥♥♥

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

happily ever after !!

I always loved frogs.

During my early childhood, It was my habit to kill frogs in our garden using my shoes, I know it was not fun,but it was my way to reflect my evilish childhood personallity *I guess* by treading frogs one after the other

Many years later, and after I entered the pharmacy college, I learned that frog are animal being and it's the best creature we can use in physiology lab. to experience sience.
I cut out their head by scissors, and I even dissected their body, I saw their smallest anatomical parts, and I became familiar with their smell and the touch of their skin!!!

What is the interest of frogs??

Today, a microscopic frog creeped it's way into our house.

-ثم ماذا ؟؟

Sometimes, you wished that fairy tales are real stories. you wished that by kissing this frog, you'll live the happily ever after !!

Sometimes, things goes unexpectedly to be more complicated, it's not that complicated that it can't be solved, but it's complicated enough to envy the heroic princess from story for being given the easier way to get her prince and to live the happily ever after.

well, today was one of these times .

10th of July
Happy birthday
to You