Thursday, October 12, 2006

Home, School and between...

salam alykum,I have no excuse for not writing but I was really busy and I didn't have time to write.Since the school started, I passed 5 hours every day on studying and I hardly found time to have a chat with my family. Well, when I come back from school I open my mouth and don't close it, I mean I talk so much but I don't listen. After coming back from school And talk about what's going on with me, I usually go to my bed and I only need to put my head on my Pillow and fall asleep. and after having a nap for more than an hour, I wake up and study for 2 hours and another 3 or 4 hours after the break fast. The only space time I have through the day is when I watch TV and when I read a few paper from Harry Porter's story before go to sleep. Well, The school this year is not like every year. They said we will go to the college next year!!Me In collage = NO WAYI entered the primary school yesterday and they want to put me in a college!. well, I was so surprise this year when I knew that 2 girls from my class get married and another 2 girls get engage. And here I have to stop and shout: hey, Am I the only one who still have a pink room with bears on her bed and Barby toys in her drawer? In fact I didn't play Barby from ages but if you want the truth I lost the key which open this drawer :) And I am not sure if I find it I won't play in them :) I am not a little girl anymore, I am not a women but I am betweenToday, I have a good time with Aya who is now speaking and controlling us. We spent 15 minutes today: me,Najma and my mam siting in circle with Aya and just did what she asked us to do. she will sleep in our house today, Her Mam called us and ask us not to bring Aya back because there was a shooting and as she describe it "A Small battle " near from her house. Her house in really near from ours but I don't know why we didn't hear anything. Anyway, a minutes later my cosine called and said there is a small battle near from their house and ask us if there is any near from us ?And we were really living in peace till we found ourselves out of the siting room with the light turned off and Aya shouting " It's danger, Grandpa come inside it's danger" So we moved to another room and turned on the TV And played with Aya who began to cry after she heard her mother's voice on the phone :(When Aya born I thought that I will finally find someone to order him(her) and told him(her) what to do and what not to do. But I was wrong. Aya shouted at me twice today and said " Stop bothering us" The only thing I was doing is talking, is that a crime??? It's not fair, I am older than her and I am her aunt and I raised her and change her paper and the only thing I have is " Stop talking, you er bothering us" . The only times I have control in Aya are: when I go up stair for studying and she follows me , and when she want my shoes to build a building * strange girl, ha??* and when she want a candy.But what can I do, I love this little girl more than anything in this life. And I really forget that I have a nephew who is now 6 months old. I don't know why I always forget him but :maybe because he is a boy and Aya is a girl, And the girls usually nicer and cuter than boysor maybe because Aya is the first baby called me "aunt hnk"or maybe because he is still young.. But I really love him and enjoy my time with him.I want to hug him tightly just to see him like a mouse between my arms, He is really cuty boy.
Uhh,I'll try to write a new post next week Inshalah