Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rise and fall

From where I am
writing my post
To where the words
Of mine is read

From where the suicide bomber
was parking his car
to where the sound
of the bomb was heard

From where the danger
Of war was come
To where the injury
Of missile was lead

From where the fighter
was kept strong
to where the widow's baby
is being fed.

There is a fear
There is a pain

There is a garden waiting to be seeded.

From where the bell
Of school was rung
To where the student
Found what he seek

From where victory
was first tasted
to where the hope
of winning was needed

From the day the man
went to his job
to the day he received
His first threat

From time the building
Of house was finished
To the day we realize
We have to leave

There is a rising
There is a falling

there is a top we are waiting to reach

Note:this poem is written by me, who is now taking her final examination and really really need your prayer.I am really depressed from studying :(

It's so clear that I will never stop whinnying, there is no hope in me at all.