Saturday, July 12, 2008

Me and my holiday

As I have announced in my last speech, I am in the holiday now.

Not surprising that the acne that filled my face began to disappear and my messy room began to re-appear and my desire to watch the silly series that are displaying on TV are no more exist.

Hours of sleep are worth the hard study. Anyway, I don’t sleep that much but I was not sleeping enough in the last month that makes my eyes reddish and my sight weaker than it was already.

One thing this year I am more determined than ever, I want to use every minute, I want to start the college and I am more educated, more confidence :) and more clever, how I can get all of that ? I am still looking for the answer.

As I have mentioned in my last post, I have many plans to do: such


I love drawing, and I was good on doing that kind of art in my primary school. It was my favorite lesson. Before three years I was thinking of improving my drawing skill but my mother did not encourage her little girl who is ME. She said that I am not Good enough to take lessons on that.


Before a year and while I was going to decide which college I shall go to, my mother suggested to go to architectural engineering college * Surprise* . This was not surprising me as much as It was shocking me!!!

Was it the Unwilling to go to college of engineer which will make me in the position of comparison with Najma or it was the will to go to Pharmacy College make me chose pharmacy and pharmacy is what I got.

Architectural engineering college is neighbor with my college, it is more fashion, it looks amazing from out side* Well, I think it’s my college which looks like a jail and that architectural engineering is not that pretty* Anyway, I don’t feel guilty of going to pharmacy but I still think that architectural engineering college is wonderful.

And I am still having the will to improve my skill, but the problem is no more with my mother the problem is that it’s not easy to find a lesson teaching drawing , and if I find one, it’s will be really hard and not safe to reach the place.

Anyway, I draw a horse yesterday or it was suppose to be a horse but it’s looks more like a donkey.

is it look like a 9 years old girl's drawing, because I am a teen years old (nineteen years old in fact)

ps: don't be like my sister and ask" WHO IS THAT MAN THAT YOU ARE DRAWING !!!", it's not a man I know, nor a man I see, and not even a man I imagine.

Friday, July 04, 2008

نجحنا خلاص أرتحنا

hello people,
there are three good news:
1- I finished my exams, I am in the holiday now.
2- I took my marks today and I pass in all the subjects. I am now in the second stage in the college of pharmacy_ Mosul university
3- My dad had his surgery last Saturday. he is getting better day after day inshallah.

Three things I was so much worry about last few weeks are finally over.
Najma used to say " This too shall pass" And I used to write this words every times I feel tired and worry about the things that happened or about the things that will happened. Can't the man have peace of mind just for one day, whenever I finally get over from something I found something else to worry about, something else to weep on.
Anyway,Today I am holding on my shoulder not only a bag of worries but also a one of plans that I intend to do during my summer holiday. I really have to write a post about my plans maybe you can help!! don't you want to serve your friend (Hnk) .

now, I am really have headache so I have to end this and write another post soon.
Good bye