Thursday, February 04, 2010

Just talking..

I don't know from where to start but I have been reading "the secret" so I will make a big jump over many things that happened (things that are a big source of negative thinking) .

I finally finished my 5th course in pharmacy college, I am now in the middle of the road, having only 5 courses left and being a real pharmacist *I hope*.

This course was so hard for me. I was really feeling unstable emotionally, psychology, and scholastically.*if there is such a word!?!??!!*.
I missed my cousin engagement party, many weddings and many happy events because I was studying for exam!! Well, I am doing exams more than doing anything else!!!.

Today, I found out that my Arabic tongue is getting worse!! Mom suggested it's due to studying in English, while my sister commented that I am not talking and I am not making a use of my Arabic!! Both not make a sense for me.

You can explain my absence from blog to being busy with school, but I even stopped writing in my diary!! I think there are many things that writing about them will not help you, and it's better to forget them and goes on like nothing had happened!! I know you are not understanding what I am talking about but neither do I *huhhh*

I did a Seminar in my class, in front of 100 of my collogues, and the Prof said to me "you was very very very good" ^__^ I was so scared and so eager in the same times. I was thinking of not wearing my contact lences in order to alleviate my stress threshold, but I did. And I didn't see anything anyway!!! *LOL*

I am the only student who did a seminar and who was not from the top 10 in the class, and that's make me feel proud of myself especially that I was better than few of them. * At least, that what I have been told!!* And will love to believe this :)

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