Thursday, February 15, 2007

turn back to basic

Hello all,

I really feel sorry that I didn't write from along long time, well, the first reason was I was taking my mid year exams and now I finished them. So I am in the holiday now, two weeks of holiday.

In this year the last year of secondary school we are taking 8 basic courses and we can divided them into :
Physics, chemist, biology, mathematics, Islamic, Arabic, English, French.

well, In this year our marks during the year are not important and they don't play part in the college we have to go. For now, I just need to have more than 50% in all the exams and then I will take the exams that are the most important exams in my life and in this exams my grade will decided whither I have to go to pharmacy or engineering or any other college.

I will take that exams in June and till that time the only thing I can do for me is to study and the only thing you can do for me is to pray.

my father now is in Syria, my uncle need to make an operation in hurry time after he had a heart attack.
he did the operation before three days and now he is fine thanks God. We are expect my father to come today.

the last few weeks was hard for me. But it was harder for some people who are close to me. such as My friend who moved to Syria with her parents and leave Iraq to move after that to Canada. Before a couple of weeks I heard that her father died in Syria. that was horrible. I didn't stop thinking of her. I was so worried for her and feel so sorry. I called her and her voice was horrible. So please join my prayer for her.

The other horrible news I heard was that my friend's niece who is few months younger than Aya died when she was a sleep without any reason, she wasn't sick or something.
That news make me crazy and seeing my friend make me feel horrible. whenever she talked to me I began to cry and she began to cry. I don't know what to say to her. I know how much she loved her niece and how much it's hard to her to lose her. she said some words that make me shiver. she said that when she remembers her niece she feel like if there is someone taking her heart away and then turning it to it's place. you know that was exactly what I feel when I think of Baghdad and remember how much beautiful it was and how much we were happy in Saddam's time.
If losing a niece hurt her as much as losing a country then we have to do something for this girl. because I know what happened to her is bigger than she could bear. bigger than her to believe.

قل لمن لست أسمي.............بابي انتِ وأُمي
بأبي انتِ لقد أُحبُ .........بحتُ من أكبر همي
ولقد قلتُ لاهلي ...........أذا اذاب الحبُ لحمي
وأرادوا لي طبيباً ...........فاكتفوا مني بعلمي
من يكُ يجهلُ ما ألقى......... فأن الحب سقمي
أن روحي لدى بغداد .......وفي الكوفة جسمي

لابي العتاهيه