Sunday, May 28, 2006

In order to survive

In order to survive, humans being have to cooperate. And in order to cooperate, they have to communicate their Ideas, feeling and needs.......

The paragraph above is one of the subjects that included in English book for the fifth grade.
So, In order to survive myself I will communicate:
1- my Ideas

I am thinking right know how I will be able to live next month ! They said that the government will cut the electricity from Mosul for 15 days.
Fifteenth days without electricity!! Are they kidding??

2- My feelingI am feeling pessimistic right now, I went to take my physics course and when I was getting back home, I saw about three tank from the large size and in the same times there were about two helicopters flying above my head. I just feel that I am in a camp.
It's not a good feeling when you see that. When a tanks or any kind of US soldiers' cars are in the street, you can't see one car moving beside them, All are driving behind them about 12 M.

3- My thought
As I said before I lost so much weight this month. Today I was wearing my gold ring and suddenly I felt that there is something missing, I looked at my finger and I didn't see it.
I rushed looking for it and I tried to remember every one moment from my movement.
Well, it's work. I found it :)

Do you know what? I am sixteen going to seventeen ... I will be seventeen going to eighteen next week. In the third of June I will be seventeen years old. I will be wiser, taller, thinner and perhaps uglier than the year before.

Now, It's my time for watching TV.

Good bye


Friday, May 26, 2006

Food !!

Maybe we don't have an electricity, peace ,freedom but we certenly have food.
Maybe we can't drive, walk and doing the simple normal things but we can eat.
Food always make you feel bettter, especially if it's taste good.
here are some food pictures.

My favorite sweet for my friend libby

Aya in NAjma's birthday.

barpique *Did I write it right?*

This picture is Najma Favorite dinner. she used to eat this at least 3 times a week.

This is Klaiga before baking . Iraqi people used to cook this sweet before the Eid

Klaiga ready to be eaten.

The Donuts I cook is one from the best Donuts ever.

Cheese cake I cook is the worse cheese cake ever.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The clock rang about 7 o'clock in the morning, and I didn't wake up. Rang again at about 7:45 and another one at about 8. Well, I woke up and ate my breakfast and hurried to take my physics examination at home. As I mentioned before, I started studying for the next year.

Hum, Aya came today, she is too active and she prevents us from touch or sit beside Ayman. She said " mal Mamia", she mint that he is her mother's baby.
Till now she thinks that my father is praying, I don't think praying need all this time. anyway
She holds the phone and said "Gagawa, Ta3ali" she mean (Grandpa please come!).
I am too eager to see my father but I am more eager to see the meeting between my father and Aya. I am sure that they are both missing each others very much.

Yesterday I had a terrible night. I closed my eyes and when I was too close from being in my first nightmare, the electricity turn off. Now, I live the nightmare. It was too hut beside that there are many mosquito this summer. What's the problem??

I open the window and look to the sky and between the wires I could see the stars.
Oh... This star is lighting for a moment and stop after while!!
Oh... It's moving!!... Oh it's helicopter, Sorry.
Just imagine my night with the sound of generators and helicopters.
Very beautiful night.

Now, I will go and spend my times with Aya.
bye bye

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crash... *I don't find another name, But that's look nice*

I woke up today and told my mother that's I am not feel ok. I didn't eat my breakfast or my lunch because I feel pain in my abdomen, and I couldn't look at the food. It's hard to explain that. BUT
Last Tow months I lost 8 pounds from my wight. I look awful now, just like ghost.And my Mam don't like how I look at all. She often use this word " when you was bretty.....bla bla bla" well, she mean I am ugly right now, there is no other way to explain her words :)
Anyway, I am trying to get my weight back, So I really really ate so much yesterday and I ate everything I see.
So now after you know why I am somehow sick today, You know why I am late.
So see you later
bye bye

PC: hey libby,
Look what the food done!! I am sick :(

Saturday, May 20, 2006

trying again...

I am trying to write a new post every day in this week. I discovered that the average percent of the daily visits to my bog get lower than before. Well, I don't balm the people who read my bog. Because I don't write regularly last 3 months.
But yesterday I promise myself to not value myself low or my blog. And I'll try to retune the life to my blog and make it breath again.
Now, I have a good opportunity to do something make me feel especial.
Najma's examination will start after 2 weeks. She'll not have enough time to write a post nor visit my blog. So I hope that when she'll finish her examination. My blog will be famous that even Oprah winfry will talk about. :)
Will, I want to do something or to reach some point that Najma didn't reach. I think this is my dream; I want to be her someone. This is disaster and I know it's not good, but I have to do it before I'll lose my confidence in confidence itself. well let's say that she is someone that I look to be like.
She writes in NY Times and washingtonpostt and many others. Well I admit I feel jalousie because I didn't write in a newspaper before.

Well, tell me what I should write. I do nothing every day except studying and sleeping and watching TV. Well, I don't like what I do and I don't like talking about what I do. I don't like what is going on in this planet, I don't like living in this planet where no word of truth was heard.
let's try to do something useful
But not today....
Tomorrow tomorrow ..I'll write a new post tomorrow.

Friday, May 19, 2006

the besy picture I have ever drawn

Well, the scanner machine is not connecting with the computer. So I took the picture to the picture I drew and here is it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not be a secret anymore

Hmm, let's see what I was going to write?

Now, part of my heart feeling very grateful for my Mom and Dad, my mother took us to buy some clothes and other things today. As I mention before, my father is in
France and he contacts with us every day, he is doing well. He said he got some weight and he is enjoying his time and he wish that we are with him. He said that he couldn't buy gifts for us, because the price is too height there. And so my mom is buying some gifts for us from Iraq :) And we will pretend that we have these clothes from France :) Who said the opposite ?

The other part of my heart feeling that he is missing some bodies.
I miss my dad; I want him right now sitting beside me. I miss Ayman too much; I didn't see him from last Saturday. I don't know why I am missing him, He didn't say a word or do an action which make me fall in love , he didn't open his eyes and look at me, he didn't beat me or push me or do the stuff that Aya did with me. But I miss him; I began to forget his looking. :(

Yesterday, my mother and I went to the tiny market in our neighborhood and it was close, so we changed our way and went to the super tiny market and bought the things that we needed. After that when we were going to the house we saw that the tiny market was opened so we entered and my mother told the shoppers who is one of our neighbors that she finishes her shopping and she came to look for some others things. The shoppers asked my mother about my father and my mother told him that he is fine and he said of course he is fine because he is far from the explosions and the bullets bla bla bla....while he was saying his word we heard a loud sound of bullets and I don't know what was happened out side, The shoppers told us to go to the safer place in the market. But that was not working, It was clear that the bullets were in our street. So, He holds the phone and called his mother and asked her to open the door.
?????? :)
Where is the door?? haaa??
Do you know the story of Allis in the wonder land? When she became small in size she opened a door and go to what ever it was. Anyway, the door he asked her mother to open was in that size. I don't know how I could put myself in that door which was leading to their garden. Well, we sat at his house for a while and then went back to our house.

Anyway, I don't care which size the door is. but it is a very good door :) As they said:

Don't judge the book from it's cover. I don't know who said that but I know that I said:

Don't judge the door from it's size
hehe,How much silly I am ??
If you are with the people who said that I am silly, so come to Iraq and live for months and we will see!. Will the silly life here make you silly or not??

Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh, I am too busy with my sister and her children ( Aya and Ayman) I thought that when I 'll finish my school, I 'll have time to write a long post but it's cleer that I was wrong.
Dad still in France, it seems that he spend a good times there. But I miss him so much and I can't wait to see him again.
so, I just write to tell you that I am ok. thank you very much.
now, I had to go :)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Dear Ayman

Hello, My name is An, I am now 3 days old. I have one sister who looks very kind with me. Especially that I am the only one who is being kissed by her. I gave her every day a gift to make her love me and not be jelouse.
She cried when she saw them took me for a bath. The first day was full of tears for her, whenever I stop crying she began to cry.
She called me Aony ( I like this name) and when she said Aony all the Family forget who is Aony and the only little cute baby they remember is Aya.
I don't blame them, she is more beautiful than I am. She walk and talk and do an action which make the whole family laugh.
Today I saw her eating cucumber after dipping it in the Cola, I wonder if that taste good.
Anyway, I love my family but I didn't see my grandpa till now.. I heared them talking to him in the phone and they said he is in france.... They said in france there are streets and lights and some others things. Anyway, I hope when my grand father will come back from france, he'll love me as much as he love Aya.
I sleep almost all the day. They think I am in a state of denying because they left me and went to play with Aya.
ok , bye now. I have to sleep before the night fall. Because now my jope is not make my mother sleep. That's fun, Try it!
talk to you later

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another flower open in my family tree

Hello all,
my father went to
France last week and he will remain there for about one month. I missed him al ready and so is aAya. Aya don't stop asking a bout him and asking about where he is.
When he first leave the house she began to cry and so we told her that he went to the mosque for praying and she saved this information in her mind. And whenever we mention his name she said ( Lalli) and she mend he is praying. I don't know why his pray take this long?? :)
Anyway, It's right that we are only 5 women in the house( My mother, My big sister, Aya, Najma and me) . But today a lovely man joined us. So we will not be scared or something, we have a man in the house.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you our man:
His name is: Ayman
His age: 21 hours
His look: very little white baby with some blond hair and small miserable eyes. He is cute, calm and skinny.

Till last day I didn't believe that there is a baby will come to this life and joined our small family. I don't blame Aya for not expected that after all our tries to make her ready for that and not to feel jalousie.
For me the first time I saw my nephew I said that it's too tiny. He is really too tiny, his face is much smaller than my palm. But for Aya he is a big boy who might steal her mother's heart. When Aya saw him, she said ( Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby....... ) she said those more than 30 times.
When Aye's father told her that Ayman is crying because he is hungry, she rushed to her room where she left her feeding bottle and took it and ran quickly to him and tried to feed him. We gave Aya new toys and told her that the baby gave it to her and that's somehow help.
The first hours after their meeting were UN believable. Whenever Ayman stop crying, Aya began to cry and so on. You can say we had a crying party in the house. But now, Aya feel much better than before. I hope she will love him.
Ok, I didn't sleep well last night so bye
Aunt HNK

Monday, May 01, 2006

I want to be someone...

Good morning... Good evening ... Good night. It's not important which time I use as much as it's important to be good.

I took my first course in chemistry. The teacher was too nice with us. He didn't stop joking and doing a funny actions.
I laugh and laugh and laugh more than I laughed this whole this year, my tears began to fall and I didn't know what to do.
In physics, my teacher is a woman who looks a good teacher too. I took 2 courses and the subjects look not an easy but nothing is hard if we study it hard.
I am hesitating about take lessons in Arabic language or not. Each girl took a lesson in 4 subjects at less. I think 2 lessons is enough for me, I am hardly find time to take a rest. I don't want to use all my power in the holiday and when the school begins I will be completely tired. In the other hand, if I lived all my life doing well in my school and got good marks, why should I worry about this year? I know it's not like all the years before know :)

I still don't know what I want to be in the future, In the past I wished I'll be a pharmacist just like my aunt. But now I changed my mind into (I don't know), I like house decoration but there are no college care of studying the decoration.
I don't know I want to be someone famous; I want to enter a good and excellent college somewhere far from
Iraq situation. I want to leave Iraq and study and then get back to my country when I'll be ready for that. And at that time I'll do for my country and give and give all what I have just for seeing it as height as it was in the past.

I don't know why my mother always said that Najma is an ambitions personne who have the confidence and dreams bigger than herself.
And me! I am nothing at all.
She didn't say that I am nothing at all, but she remarked into that when she is talking. She said Najma is a very good speaker in English and she is very good in computer and bla bla bla. And when she finished her words, she turned her head and said you are too :( .
Did she really think that I don't feel that? I am not blind, I am the only daughter she have who don't put an eye glasses.
That exactly what I want to prove. I want to prove that I am not the girl she is thinking. I am also having dreams, I am also having plans but I have something that Najma don't have, I have the fear from everything.
I have fears from building hopes above no ground.
I have fears from listing to myself and get myself into trouble.

I hate myself sometimes just like I do now.
BTW, I hate sitting with the people I hate because it's too clear that I hate them.
And now I am sitting with me and I hate myself just now. Not a good condition to talk about...

Better to leave myself now,