Friday, August 20, 2010

Just talking..!!

Ooops, another dozen of weeks without writing!
I know this (the absence from blog) became one of my habit but let's look to the bright side of this case;

* I am writing here since 2004 (I am 6 years old blogger!!).
For this occasion; I need a promotion!! Otherwise my faithfulness to the blogosphere will lose its continuation!!

* my evolution through this 6 years from a teenager girl who carry the world problems on her shoulder to mature girl who consider listening to the news " OUT OF MIND " behavior !!

Well, my absence is related to many causes, one of them is that after taking such a big decision in my life (the engagement decision) I decided to go along with my laziness and enjoy my decision result!!!

The other cause is related to being busy with my summer training in hospital.
I did extra days training not because of my will, and not because I am enjoying the illness smell, the sorrowful faces of leukemic children and not even because I am gaining worthy information (because I don't)..... It's all because:

when Allah gave the humanity kindness in their acts, one of the later refuse this gift!!
Thanks Dr. XXXX for making my world unhappier and unbeautiful place.
And if we were not in this holly month "Ramadan" I was going to go along talking about this, but now I will swallow my anger, hatred and Aversion and change the subject!!

Well, dear brain,
sorry for my nine hundred ninety nine thoughts that have been visiting you these days!!

Dear reader,
relax, I won't write about the 999 thoughts :)

Dear stomach,
be patient, it only 4 hours left till the iftar

Dear CNV,
find me a plan to finish my work's schedual for this month.

Dear heart,
be patient, live life and have Faith...