Sunday, January 29, 2006

Al salam alykum

Good morning every body,
Finally I finished my Mid-year Examinations. Yesterday I took my last exam, which was biology. I didn't get well on it as I wished but Alhamdulilah.
For about 12 days, I didn't get enough sleep nor enough rest. I was weak mentality and psychology.
From the first days of my examinations the generator was out of use. So imagine!
How could I study without light? My dad went and bought us types of rechargeable light. Without them I don't know what was gonna happen to me. Especially that the electricity is still turn on for 4 hours per day.
The next problem we faced is the road jam, most f the days the bridges were closed; the situation was bad as usual.
Some day when we were in the class doing our exam, Sound of explosion was heard. After while we heard sound of shooting near from our building. The teachers didn't know what to do. They asked us to get down our head and stayed in our place.
As I said before day after day the situation is getting worse. And I am still in the middle of this circle

I have many things I want to talk a bout, I will write a new post too soon because I am in the holiday now.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just talking

Salam to all
I have cold from yesterday. When I went to school yesterday, every body saw me ask: are you sleep?
I am walking and moving, how could I move if I was a sleep.
Anyway, first course the teacher didn't come but we got our marks ticket. My marks is good except in French as I told you I have a big big problem with it.
I thought that we are a stupid girls therefore each one of us pronounce the word in a different way. But it seems that the problem is not on us. After trying 5 teachers I saw that each one of them pronounce the word in a different way. Every one have her own French. Good ha??

Today Aya and her mother visit us at lunch. Aya was too cute as usual, she seems that she love me more than Najma and that's a good point. She sat on her own chair, took a sight of the food.
She didn't accept mam fed her, she want dad fed her and no body else And that was good because Dad usually finish her food before all of us but now with all what Aya make him do he finish with us. As I said dad was feeding Aya and in the same time Aya was feeding Mam and she was too excited. I don't know what was going with us if Aya was not born.
Tomorrow I have an English exams, it's a strange exam, the teacher will read an paragraph twice and then ask us a few questions about it. We called this exam listening competition.
It's an easy exam but it's need you to fox an that's hard.

Good bye now
see you soon

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new year

Happy new year every body,
I hope this year will be a happy year for all people all over the world. I hope in the next year we will have a real freedom that we were and still dream of.
like all years before, 2005 came and went without making any change to the better. I feel eager for making a change in this world and for making a change for my country at first but here in Iraq dreams is just a dreams and never come true. Some times I feel full of power and sometimes I feel weak, with all explosions and all the violence around me, no body can ask why you feel such a bad feeling. Take Aya as example, when this little girl, who is 1 years old feel fear from the loud sound of explosions she ran towards the nearest person from her, she uplifted her hands and start beating.
I don't think so this baby know what is violence mean, but surely she realizes that this is not from angel's charity.
we are in the middle of winter. The weather in Mosul is cold we wear all the clothes we can wear and stay able to move, the water is too cold therefore when we want to wash our face we have to put some water on the heater(HEAT IT) and then use it. One of us carry the vessel which have hot water on it and pour it to other's hands.I took some picture for you. this are some of our heater that is widely used in Iraq. Aya was too confused that I was took this heater a pistures and not took a picture for her, she surely thought that I am crazy :)

Aya visited us today, and with all the red clothes that her mother dressed, she looked like Santa Claus.
Because we don't have electricity most of the times during the day, we can't depend on electric heaters. In our best state, we have an electricity 4 hours every 24 hours. But some times the electricity turn on for only half an hour.
last week when the electricity turn off. My sister Najma hurt herself when she hit her fore head with some furniture which was an electric heater. I am sure that she didn't use this heater yet this year. Anyway she shout for torch light and said that she is bleeding from her head. At that time me and my parents were sitting in the living room and there weren't any torch or any type of light near us, at that moment,all what we could do is to tell her to be patient till we find one.
well, thanks Allah that she didn't hurt too much.
Do you know that life with light is too much easier than life without it, you can't feel happy for having something till you live without it. In Fact I didn't live a day in Iraq all my life with continuous electricity .
The problem is with our homework, we have to finish it while we have a light. The Generator of our neighborhood have a program, it's turn on at 5 pm and turn off at 12 am. When the fuel is Available

I get good marks in my last examinations but I still have a big problem with my French. I have the least marks between my friends in that subjects. I really need a help so If you have any thing that you think it could help me please send it what ever it was, site or song I don't care.
I want to help myself

Oh my God. Did I wrote all that ???
be serious! Did you read all that??
thank you for reading
And happy new year