Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"when i was just a little girl i asked my mother what will i be? will i be pretty! will i be rich !"

 Is this what all matter? "Will i be pretty?"
what a victory ha!,  this is what i called * stupid inocient *
pretty refugee; holding her daughter in one hand and in the other; holding her pharmacy licence .. walking in the street of Amman like a missing annonymous.
I am moving with my parents from one flat to another; trying to find something they called " comfort" and " home". I am counting days down to the time i can define my future plans .
 I Hardly can see my husband; i am suffering from his being far away from us and not in a safe place as well. Ramtha is where he works is located near borderline of syria. unfortunately some shells fell by mistake on Ramtha every now and then.

nowadays;I hardly find time to write a new post. i am busy with my daughter; she had three new teeth this week!!! and she loves to start walking; she is moving few steps and then falling apart.

 I feel lonly with my inner thoughts. what a world! i never think that life will go this far with me! i am giving my best after all. i am trying everything. knocking every doors infront of me to get ride from this EMPTY hole! I registered in UNHCR I ,applied for humanitarian immigration to Australia, i applied for diversity visas. i will be very glad if anyone just can help me with a thoughts! opinions maybe . I need a miracle to get out of here..