Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Think randomly, talk randomly

Hello readers,I was absence for two month !! well during this:

I took my Mid-Course examination and I did well in most of them.
the less mark I got was in Pharmaceutical (56/100), which is a subject I like, and I don't really think that I have a problem with it, but it seems that it has one with me, I always get low mark in this subject !! Never know where the defect is!!

Well, to be more precise; I became an aunt just a day before my exam.
It's a girl, and we named her "Marwa" and she is so pretty.

My sister and her children came and stayed in our house for 2 week since my brother in law was in India. They were a big source of noisiness, but in the other hand, they made the days of exams less depress for me.

I love my nieces and nephews so much, and it's the aunt's nature to show her love, but the problem I faced with that is my nephew "Ayman" 4 years old.
He went to my mother and said: “when I'll grow up, will you let me marry aunt Hadia??"

That's funny; I never thought in his age, one will do plans for future, especially that kind of plans!

I really didn't know how to deal with him after that, his mother tried to explain the issue to him and how wrong is it to marry me. she was more likely following up my behavior and telling me not to be kind with him, not hugging him, and not play with his feeling, !!! Ok, Ok

that was so easy after my parents left to Amman for 10 days and my sister and her followers (children) stayed with us.

At that time, I was not taking exams and I felt responsible of this house and so I was more like recording machine, yielding at the children all the time (DONT DO THAT!!)

Well, they are not natural children, they are hyperactive monsters.
I cought Anas once attacking Marwa while she was asleep, You should never trust child's innocence.
I make use of my sister residence with us . She helps me in studying pharmacology; she was really doing great in taking care of us and cooking (a horrible food) for us. And she was really more like a super woman. But Ayman was still consist on his opinion that mothers can't be a super hero بطله خارقه because they are mothers( the exact same reason that make me more convince of her being a super woman).

Now I am preparing for Exams: D *As usual*, it’s my final examinations,they will start on the third of June and ended on 21th. I need more than hard studying, need more than luck, need more than prayers.... I need Allah.

I am passing through a difficult circumstances in this critical time. As usual, all the difficulties come as additive to the exams. I really should have adaptation to this !!

I am eager to finish my third year in college, but in the other hand, I am not ready for the holiday.

well it’s complicated ;)

My sister is going to get marry and we are leaving for turkey for few weeks and there might be a life decision to make, I'll talk about that later. ….. Well it’s all about time