Sunday, September 14, 2008

وتسللت أشعة الأمل الى نوافذ غرقتي

With the sunshine rising in the first day of Ramadan, I became a life again and I decided that I should write a post soon.

” never give up” that’s what I was asking myself to do.


“ life is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” I read that somewhere, And It’s quite true, a wisdom quote made me feel that I am an ignorant somehow not because I am not traveling (because,I did travel to Syria and Gordan a years ago, and i went to Turkey this year) but it’s the fact that surrounding our situation of not being able to go outside house often,especially in the night, so that’s made us from those who read only a line.

My parents took us to turkey this holiday, spent a very beautiful and strange moment there. Not being me while being somewhere out of Iraq puzzled me. Feeling that i am much fun, open, and free while I am out, feeling that everything is possible and nothings is impossible.

Returning back to Iraq, returned my bad temper and behavior. Enjoying my human being and leaving any relationship related to human doing. Feeling that I am stock in the middle of a circle, with hopeless and depress filling my heart. with no option to survive and no way to run from the reality except by sleeping .

Anyway,I decided to live this year as if it is my last. it might be!

Rethinking of things that I want to do, things I want to learn, places I want to go, books I want to read and posts I want to write .

I read my list and started working.

Till now:

1- I learn to drive a bicycle. I always dream of driving one. My cousin who is my favorite, more like my brother taught me. And in one hour, I left my first steps on the street.

2-I bought brush and oil color and draw my first picture, I took the idea of the picture from the net and I draw it by myself with the help of a friend of my mother who graduated from the school of art and she taught me how to mix the color and how to put the first lines, I never hold a brush before .

I am still working on writing a book.A huge dream, worth working on.funny it is, how my dreams took me so far that I even dream today that I am in opra’s show . who's know!

Anyway, there is a long list waited to be done, let’s hope that I will do every single one.

Be safe where ever you are..And Ramadan Kareem